Touch pen (gaming type) for super sensitivity smartphone

P-TPG03 series P-TPG03BK

It reacts by light touch super! Touch pen for smartphone which adopted high-density fiber tip to pen point, and realized super sensitivity. Gaming type that adopted clear window to be able to enjoy game comfortably without disturbing screen.


    Model number /JANCD Features Standard price Remarks
    P-TPG03BK 4953103346222
    < Black > Open price Under the release
    P-TPG03BU 4953103346239
    〈 Blue 〉 Open price Under the release
    P-TPG03RD 4953103346246
    < Red > Open price Under the release
    P-TPG03SV 4953103346253
    〈 Silver 〉 Open price Under the release

      Features of product

          Touch pen for smartphone which adopted high-density fiber tip to pen point, and realized super sensitivity

          We adopt high-density fiber tip to pen point and are touch pen for smartphone which realized super sensitivity.

          • P-TPG03BK
            < Black >

          • P-TPG03BU
            〈 Blue 〉

          • P-TPG03RD
            < Red >

          • P-TPG03SV
            〈 Silver 〉

          Game operation is possible comfortably without pen interfering

          It is gaming type that there is game operation comfortably without pen interfering at the time of operation with Newly developed clear window which we made near pen point.

          It is operable without polluting LCD screen

          Unlike touch operation at finger-tip, it is operable without polluting LCD screen.

          Super sensitivity X high density fiber tip adoption

          Operation that is fluent by power that is light by high-density fiber tip is possible. We realized super sensitivity that we could operate smoothly without as fiber implanted by pen point securing extended bearing areas, pushing pen point. Tap operation, both slide operation can perform comfortably.

          Fluent operation is possible

          Operation that is fluent without stress even from glass Film which was hard to react is possible in Other conventional products.

          We realize higher sensitivity

          By improving conductivity by plating processing of the body, realized higher sensitivity.

          ※Comparison with our Other conventional products.


          Supported devices: Various smartphone tablet
          Dimensions: About 128mm in length X pen diameter about 10mm pen point about 8mm
          Materials: Pen point: Silicone rubber, nylon fiber, the body: Acrylic, ABS
          Strap presence X
          Color: < Black >

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