Slim touch pen for super sensitivity smartphone


We adopt super sensitivity X high density fiber tip. Slim touch pen for super sensitivity smartphone which even glass Film reacts by light touch and can use comfortably.


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      Features of product

          Super sensitivity slim touch pen

          We adopt high-density fiber tip to pen point and are slim touch pen for super sensitivity smartphone which we can operate which is smooth by light power.

          We realize super sensitivity without pushing pen point

          We realize super sensitivity without as fiber implanted by pen point securing extended bearing areas, pushing pen point. Even glass Film reacts by light touch, and operation is possible without stress.

          Compact penholder

          As it is thin, compact penholder, slim can carry.

          It is with clip

          There is convenient clip to put in the breast pockets, and to carry.

          Pen point diameter is 5.5mm

          It is pen point 5.5mm in diameter, and careful operation is possible comfortably.

          It is operable without polluting screen

          Unlike touch operation at finger-tip, it is operable without polluting LCD screen.

          Touch operation, slide operation are comfortable

          Let alone touch operation, we can perform slide operation comfortably, too.

          ※Rub at the time of operation, and, depending on type of LCD protective film, sound occurs, and reaction of touch pen may get worse.


          Supported devices: Various smartphone tablet
          Dimensions: About 110mm in length X pen diameter about 6.5mm pen point about 5.5mm
          Materials: Pen point: Silicone, the body: Aluminum
          Strap presence X
          Color: < Black >

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