24 storage of tablet storage

SC15L-DD series SC15L-DD24

The storage of storage that can receive up to 24 big tablet of 13 inches.


    Model number /JANCD Features Standard price Remarks
    SC15L-DD24 4549550125284
    24 are packable 220,000 yen (tax-excluded)
    242,000 yen (tax-included)
    Build-to-order manufacturing
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    Features of product

        We receive up to 24 tablet

        It is the storage of storage that can receive up to 24 big tablet of 13 inches.

        ※ Delivery of goods becomes handing over in car. There is need to have you have you prepare cart in customers and carry from the car top. Thank you for your understanding.

        Door does not interfere

        By 270 degrees opening and shutting door, door itself does not interfere and can take out in a mass from the front.

        Time, door to unlock are fixed in magnet

        Time, door to unlock fix to the side in magnet.

        We keep tablet safely

        As the anteroposterior storage of storage door is with key together, we can keep tablet safely.

        Stable operation is possible

        We are equipped with steering wheel for large-scale two wheels caster and movement, and stable operation is possible.

        Parting strip is removable

        As you remove parting strip of tray and can customize, you can utilize space effectively.

        We can change H of tray

        Position of tray can change H later.

        ※Plus driver is necessary.

        We prepare FAN unit for exhaust heat (option)

        It is optional and prepares FAN unit (SCP-FAN2) for exhaust heat.

        We prepare ON/OFF timer (option)

        It is optional and prepares ON/OFF timer (ZP-11-052) which can set recharge time beforehand.

        It is recommended to corporation and education relations

        With domestic production, high quality, it is product which is recommended to corporation and education relations.


        Dimensions: 600mm in width X 915mm in height X 460mm in depth (we include caster Φ 75mm)
        Weight 50.3 kg
        Effective dimensions 37mm in width X 300mm in depth X 256mm in height (storing dimensions 1 step 12 storing X 2 step between parting strip)
        Storing number 24 tablet
        Set contents Body X 1, front key *2, rear key *1, steering wheel (attached to installation screw) for movement, caster *4
        Materials: Steel
        Total withstand load 200 kg
        Color: < White >
        Option Recommended TAP (separate sale): Seven T-Y3A-2720WH(2 pins Exit 2m), eight T-WRM3810LG/RS(3 pins Exit 1m)/recommendation wire (separate sale): ESL-NK, ESL-W22 series/recommendation cable (separate sale): MPA-AMB2U08BK(microB cable 0.8m), LHC-UAL05BK (lightning cable 0.5m), MPA-AC05NBK(typeC cable 0.5m)

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