16ch-adaptive Network recorder 4TB

SRB-E16201 series SRB-E16S04T201

We can record up to 16 camera Video immediately if we tie with Network camera (SCB series) corresponding to Network camera automatic registration function of our Network recorder! All camera ports realizing stable recording environment by the hard disk deployment for monitoring systems are 4TB hard disk deployment 16ch correspondence Network recorders corresponding to PoE feeding.


    Model number /JANCD Features Standard price Remarks
    SRB-E16S04T201 4549550108669
    4TB/16ch correspondence Open price Under the release
    SRB-E16S08T201 4549550108676
    8TB/16ch correspondence Open price Under the release
    SRB-E16D08T201 4549550108638
    8TB (4TB X 2)/16ch correspondence Open price Under the release
    SRB-E16D16T201 4549550108645
    16TB (8TB X 2) /16ch correspondence Open price Under the release

      Features of product

          • Only in SRB-E16D08T201 of model mounted with HDD2 stand and SRB-E16D16T201

          Corresponding Network camera

          Corresponding camera and simple Network recorder which is just connected, and setting is not necessary, and is usable

          If we tie with Network camera (SCB series) corresponding to automatic camera registration function of our Network recorder,
          It is 16ch correspondence Network recorder mounted with hard disk for up to 16 monitoring systems which can record camera Video immediately.
          By connecting our Network camera to our Network recorder, can use immediately.

          Corresponding Network camera

          The PoE function deployment that can supply power to camera PoE-adaptive only with LAN cable

          It supports all 4 ports PoE (Power over Ethernet) for camera connection and is power-suppliable via category 5e or more LAN cables at PoE-adaptive camera.

          Hard disk adoption by regular operation 24 hours a day, every day for reliable monitoring systems

          Hard disk adoption for monitoring systems

          We adopt hard disk for monitoring systems and minimize recording deletional risk.
          Even low bit rate supports H.265 which can realize high image quality, and recording is possible at EQC image quality than conventional H.264 for long time of about 2 times.

          H.264 (bit rate: 4096kbps)

          H.265 (bit rate: 2048kbps)

          • The photograph mentioned above is Image diagram for explanation not real shooting image.
          • It is guess level based on evaluation under the specific requirements, and difference may occur by subjects to photograph at real recordable time.

          Opening sentence of Video is possible to USB memory, too

          We put Universal Serial Bus port on the front and the back, and opening sentence of Video is possible to USB memory.

          Various setting changes set PCless simple operation simply while looking at screen of Network recorder

          We can easily change setting of camera from monitor screen leading to our Network recorder. We connect mouse (Contents) to this plane and can easily operate while looking at monitor screen. User worried about security can change password freely.
          (setting is necessary after the connection with Network recorder.)

          ※Initial setting of Network recording printout resolution is "1280x1024/60Hz".
          Please confirm whether connected monitor copes with the resolution mentioned above beforehand.
          When you do not cope, please set Network recording printout resolution before being connected.

          Multi-display indication to let each display Video of different camera is possible if we connect HDMI monitor and VGA monitor.

          In smartphone (iOS/Android) application "SkyLink Mobile View" for camera Video confirmation Mobile

          We can confirm camera Video in smartphone (iOS/Android)

          It supports application "SkyLink Mobile View" for Mobile (iOS/Android version) and can see camera Video from smartphone and tablet.

          • Screen is screen of SkyLink Mobile View for Android.
          • We do not cope with HTTPS communication.

          You can download application "SkyLink Mobile View" for Mobile than the following link (iOS/Android version).

          Selectable reliable optional maintenance service

          As well as standard sendobakku repair, we prepare for various maintenance menus with option

          As we prepare for maintenance pack until up to five years, it is available in peace for a long term.

          The "delivery & sendobakku extension maintenance service" details are this

          Each part name

          The body Front

          ① USB terminal We connect mouse for operation.
          ② RUN lamp
          Lighting Under normal operation
          Blinking Under start
          ③ NET lamp
          Lighting We are connected to Network
          ④ HD lamp
          Lighting There is abnormality in hard disk
          Blinking We are writing data reading/

          The body back/side

          ⑤ Ground terminal We connect ground.
          ⑥ PoE terminal PoE  It is RJ-45 terminal corresponding to PoE feeding. We connect Network camera made of ELECOM.
          ⑦ Network terminal LAN We connect LAN cable.
          ⑧ Audio out It is voice output terminal.
          ⑨ Audio system case It is voice inputting terminal.
          ⑩ VGA output terminal We have access to monitor and VGA and display management screen of This product.
          ⑪ Alarm terminal It is alarm input and output terminal.
          ⑫ HDMI Output We have access to monitor and HDMI and display management screen of This product.
          ⑬ USB terminal It is USB terminal.
          ⑭ DC terminal We connect power supply adapter.
          ⑮ AC terminal We connect power supply cord.
          ⑯ Power switch We change on/off of power supply.
          ⑰ Vent Please do not block up busy.

          Figure of dimensions

          Guarantee regulations, disclaimers

          1. 1. Term of a guarantee

            We will guarantee that we repair This product according to this guarantee regulations for free for one year from date of purchase listed in receipt of published by store or statement of delivery.

          2. 2. It is targeted for guarantee
            Guarantee object assumes only body portion of This product, and software, other affixes do not become a target of guarantee.
          3. 3. Guarantee contents
            When it breaks down in normal busy condition according to Manual, document of This product attachment, the items mentioned of book file, based on contents listed in this guarantee regulations, we repair for free or change.
          4. 4. It becomes out of guarantee object in the following cases even if we meet during exclusion term of a guarantee of application.
            1. 1. When you cannot submit inoperative This product.
            2. 2. Certificate (receipt which date of purchase can confirm• When you cannot show) to statements of delivery.
            3. 3. When non-entry of predetermined matter (Product Name, the purchase date, others) of receipt or warranty or modification is carried out.
            4. 4. In the case of trouble, the damage that transportation after purchase, fall or shock at the time of movement produced as the handling was not suitable.
            5. 5. When it breaks down by external factors such as earthquake, fire, thunderbolt, storm and flood damage, other natural disasters, pollution, abnormal voltage.
            6. 6. When, due to connected other apparatuses, trouble, the damage occur in This product.
            7. 7. When it breaks down by remodeling, the resolution, repair by third party except engine which we and we appoint and customer.
            8. 8. Trouble, obstacle that we produced by abbudeto work of software (firmware, driver et al.) of This product.
            9. 9. We occurred in Manual, document, book file of This product attachment by the handling against usage of mention and instructions
            10. In the case of trouble, the damage.
            11. 10. When we are connected other than the apparatus which we set or incorporate and use and it breaks down or are damaged.
            12. 11. When it breaks down by temperature, humidity, vibration more than ranges of use environment assumed in standard home, general office.
            13. 12. In addition, when reason that gratuitous repair or exchange is not accepted is discovered.
          5. 5. Immunity from responsibility
            1. 1. When you handle data, please take backup by all means. We will not guarantee about disappearance, damage of retained data that we produced by malfunction and trouble of This product or use at all.
            2. 2. They are derivative and are incidental, and we cannot take responsibility to be caused by trouble of This product about compensation of the indirect and mental damage, loss of profits and the data damage at all.
            3. 3. Responsibility that we bear about This product assumes the purchase price for This product limit regardless of default on an obligation and wrongful conduct or other reasons.
            4. 4. As for the This product, indication, recording, reproduction of image watching are made with purpose. We do not prevent crimes in this product alone. We are any cases
              We shall not take responsibility for all sales price or more under any circumstance. In addition, we shall not take any responsibility about the following.
              1. ① Occurred in conjunction with This product directly or indirectly, is accidental, and is special, the or consequent damage, damage
              2. ② Inconvenience, the damage, damage such as misuse of customer and obstacle by carelessness or damage of This product
              3. ③ All trouble that occurred when the resolution, repair of This product by customer or remodeling was done and regardless of being caused or malfunction
              4. ④ Inconvenience, the damage, damage that image puts on by some kind of reasons including trouble, malfunction of This product or cause as indication, thing that we cannot record and information that we recorded disappeared
              5. ⑤ Malfunction with apparatuses of third party and system which we put together or inconvenience, the damage, damage, as a result, to take
              6. ⑥ Claim for payment, objection to assume subject and invasion of privacy by individual, group where it was that monitoring image, record by customer is made public by some kind of reasons, and are used, and, as a result, occurred reason
              7. ⑦ Disappearance by some kind of causes (including case to initialize This product by having forgotten authentication informations such as user name, password) of information content which we registered
              8. ⑧ Malfunction by omission of false detection of moving body detection or detection or inconvenience, the damage, damage, as a result, to take
              9. ⑨ The damage that we produced by fire except earthquake, thunder and our responsibility, act by third party, other accidents
            5. 5. We will not guarantee that you are mixed with Network line of other purposes (general duties use) and use Network line using our Network camera and Network recorder.
            6. 6. Others
              We shall not take responsibility for all sales price or more under any circumstance. In addition, we shall not take any responsibility about the following.
              1. 1. We do not reissue receipt or statement of delivery.
              2. 2. We cannot return changed old parts or old product by repair regardless of payment, free.
              3. 3. About incidental expense (fare, setting construction cost, personnel expenses) that product repair costs, we do not perform any expense burden. In addition, please use means (delivery to home or simple registered mail) that can confirm delivery for prevention of loss after appropriate packing when you have you send. In addition, we cannot take any responsibility about damage, loss of product transporting.
              4. 4. Exchange with the model when cannot cope, may trade with product targeted for guarantee and the same class or other products having further performance.
          6. 7. Effective range
            Guarantee based on this guarantee regulations is effective only in Japan.


          • <corresponding Network recorder>
            • ・This product supports Network camera of SCB series made in ELECOM.
          • <about This product>
            • ・Normal action may not be carried out by environmental changes after setting setting.
            • ・Please use outlet which regular 100V including power supply can secure.
            • ・At the time of This product setting, please install in enough space without doing stack holders including other apparatuses. (for prevention such as malfunction by heat)
            • ・When you use in AC adapter, please use outlet which regular 100V can secure.
            • ・We cannot guarantee data missing, malfunction by HDD exchange.
            • ・When we fall over high place, it causes damage and trouble.
          • <at the time of care>
            • ・When you care for, please turn off power supply.
            • ・You hang organic solvents such as benzine thinner, and please do not use. It causes changes of color. When you use chemical dustcloth, please obey the instructions.
          • <about use, the handling>
            • ・Please avoid place of high temperature, high humidity, use, storage at place getting direct rays of the sun for a long time. In addition, it may malfunction by internal dew condensation if neighboring temperature changes are intense.
            • ・You block up air port, and please do not use. It causes trouble.
            • ・The body, please avoid use/storage at place where shock and vibration are added or place that it is easy to increase for precision electronic equipment.
            • ・We may give noise when we use near radio-TV. In addition, when there is device producing strong magnetic fields such as motors near, we pick up a noise and may malfunction. You separate by all means, and please use.
            • ・About long-term use, I would like periodic inspection by specialized supplier to have you use safely. Parts may deteriorate depending on use environment, and the appearance top may lead to trouble, accident without disorder when we use for a long term.
            • ・Use out of Japan of This product is forbidden. It is not available. We do not take any responsibility about result by use out of Japan.
              Again about This product in foreign countries conserve (from foreign countries), and do not support.
            • ・About disappearance of data of customer by result using This product, influence on others including damage, please note that you cannot take responsibility regardless of the above. We hope that we back up about important data beforehand.
            • ・The sea breeze is out of guarantee.
            • ・There is no explosion-proof function.
            • ・We would like the handling of This product carefully. You drop, and please do not give strong shock or vibration. It causes damage and trouble.
            • ・It causes damage and trouble when we give shock and vibration that are strong in the body.
            • ・By network environment, subject of the use, the number of the access, image update speed may become slow.
            • ・When we copy fast-moving object, it may seem that object sailing across screen bends diagonally.
            • ・Cable which we installed, please overturn at malls so that sunlight and wind and rain do not hit directly.
            • ・When we make resolution of camera setting to become four to three ratio, horizontal direction is compressed, and Video is lengthwise, and it is displayed.
          • <about the handling of data>
            • ・Case that cannot rarely record by external factor occurs. Please confirm recording state at any time.
            • ・Information content which was recorded to information content recorded in This product and storage medium to use with This product. We may correspond to "personal information". When This product passes to third party by the disposal, transfer, repair, please be careful about the handling enough.
            • ・Our company cannot give any guarantee about restoration of data by any chance when data in This product disappear.

          Caution in setting

          • <about setting place>
            • ・As for the This product, indoor is for exclusive use. The outdoors cannot use. Please do not install near place where direct rays of the sun hits and the air conditioner, heating machine for a long time. It causes transformation, change of color or trouble, malfunction. In addition, please use in state not to take of drop of water and bubble.
            • ・Please install not to disturb existing facilities such as lighting, fire detector, guide light.
            • ・At the following places install and cannot use. Moisture, steam such as place/kitchens using drug including hitting place/pool of direct rays of the sun, place/solvent that there are many oil contents and occurring place/radiation and X-rays of special environment such as the combustibility atmospheres and strong electric wave and the magnetic occurring place/sea and sea front and place where there is much place (this plane is not for vehicle installation)/dust that there is much vibration such as place/vehicle, ship or the factory Lines top more than place/use temperature spans that corrosive gas occurs
          • <Caution before setting work>

            When you waterproof and take measures, please be careful about the following points.

            • ・We will not guarantee that you are mixed with Network line of other purposes (general duties use) and use Network line using our Network camera and Network recorder.
          • <Caution about protection for thunder>
            • ・When you connect this plane to Network using LAN cable, please install wiring so that Network is not affected by thunder.
          • <Caution about electric wave disorder>
            • ・Near transmitting antenna of TV and radio, strong electric field and magnetic field (motor and trance, power line), Video is warped and may pick up a noise.
          • <Caution about time of day setting>
            • ・About setting of the time, please read "User manual".
          • <Caution when we did not use>
            • ・Please remove by all means without leaving unattended when it disappears using This product.


          Power supply 100V AC
          Power consumption Up to about 158.7W
          Calorific value About 571.3kJ/h
          Use temperature span  -5 degrees Celsius - 45 degrees Celsius
          Use humidity requirement Thing without 10% <= 90% dew condensation
          Correspondence recording compression technology H.265, H.264, JPEG
          Dimensions (fuku X depth X H) 380mm *315mm *46mm
          Weight (we include HDD) About 3.1 kg
          VCCI Class A
          HDD One (4TB)
          Product term of a guarantee One year
          Interface | The number of the camera connection 16
          Interface | Camera PoE power supply Total up to 30W maximum 240W (as for any combination, available to 16 with corresponding camera) per 1 port
          Interface | The number of camera PoE ports 16
          Interface | Outside LAN 100BAST-TX/1000BASE-T
          Interface | Voice inputting RCA pin X 1 35KΩ, 2V (P-P)
          Interface | Voice output RCA pin X 1 (-10 dBv 600Ω, disequilibrium)
          Interface | The HDMI Video output 4K (3840x2160)/60Hz, 4K (3840x2160)/30Hz, 1920x1080p/60Hz, 1920x1080p/50Hz, 1600x1200/60Hz, 1280x1024/60Hz, 1280x720/60Hz, 1024x768/60Hz
          Interface | The VGA Video output 1920x1080p/60Hz, 1920x1080p/50Hz, 1600x1200/60Hz, 1280x1024/60Hz, 1280x720/60Hz, 1024x768/60Hz
          Interface | External equipment (alarm) Alarm input 4ch (no Voltage make contact input), alarm output 1ch(Max:AC125V/0.3A, DC30V/1A)
          Interface | USB Front panel USB 2.0 X 1 rear panel USB3.0 X 1
          Interface | SATA Two SATA interfaces (to up to 8TB per one)
          Specifications | Input maximum band width 160Mbps
          Specifications | The output maximum band width 320Mbps
          Specifications | Maximum capacity 3 x [email protected], 4 x [email protected], 16 x [email protected]
          Specifications | Remote user Up to 128
          Specifications | Live, reproduction indication 12MP/8MP/6MP/5MP/4MP/3MP/1080p/960p/720p/D1/2CIF/CIF
          Specifications | Recordable resolution 12MP/8MP/6MP/5MP/4MP/3MP/1080p/960p/720p/D1/2CIF/CIF
          Specifications | Simultaneous Video reproduction 16
          Specifications | Split screen Division into four/division into six/division into eight/division into nine/division into 16
          Specifications | Indication (Corridor Mode) vertically long at 9:16 3 division/division into four/division into five/division into seven/division into nine/division into ten/division into 12/division into 16
          Corresponding camera We straighten SCB-EB2M01,SCB-ED2M01,SCB-EB2M02,SCB-ED2M02,SCB-EF4K03 (to simultaneous three), and indication Video do not surpass 16 in total
          Accessories: Please read at setup guide, the beginning, mouse, power supply cord, rubber foot four
          SkyLink Mobile View Supported Devices iOS 10.3.2 - 13.1.2, iPadOS 13.1.2, smartphone which we can display which is beyond resolution 480 X 800 Android 7.0-10.0 memory 1GB or more or tablet
          Correspondence OS/browser of setting WebUI Windows 10 (32bit/64bit) Internet Explorer 11 (we use ActiveX)
          Correspondence language Japanese/English
          Power supply type Built-in power supply
          • Specifications may change without a notice, thank you for your understanding.