OA adapter

T-H32 series T-H32

We convert 3 pin plugs such as OA taps into 2 pin plugs.


    Model number /JANCD Features Standard price Remarks
    T-H32 4953103035157
    550 yen (tax-excluded)
    605 yen (tax-included)
    Under the release
    T-H32N 4953103035164
    900 yen (tax-excluded)
    990 yen (tax-included)
    Under the release

      Features of product

          • It is with cord 150mm for ground.


          Purpose of use, Uses We can convert 3P connectors such as OA taps into 2P. It is with ground.
          Rating 125V15A1500W
          Noise cut X
          Others With cord 150mm for ground
          Environmental consideration matter As This product assumes power supply in Japan and is designed, it is not available out of Japan.
          • Specifications may change without a notice, thank you for your understanding.
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