Inner bag "CELL" for tablet with multi-pocket

TB-10CELL series TB-10CELLBK

We receive various gadgets including smartphone and battery, cable and touch pen in slim clearly. Inner bag "CELL" for tablet with multi-pocket using stretch material softly superior in elasticity.



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TB-10CELLBK 4953103496026
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    Features of product

        Inner bag with multi-pocket

        It is inner bag "CELL" with multi-pocket which can hold tablet to 8.5-10.5 inches.

        We fit moderately, and slim can carry

        We use stretch material superior in elasticity softly and we fit things moderately and it is slim and can carry.

        Urethane material protecting LCD screen

        We raise cushion characteristics by stacking urethane material on heart and follow LCD screen of tablet.

        Gadget with thickness is storable, too

        As we use stretch material, gadget with thickness such as mouse is storable, too.

        With multi-pocket which we arrange and can store

        We are accompanied by multi-pocket which battery charger or USB memory, memory card arrange small gadget, and can receive large gadget including smartphone and Mobile battery -.

        With pen pocket

        There is pen pocket which accessories with length including touch pen can hold.

        It is with steering wheel

        It is easy to take out of the bag, and there is steering wheel which is convenient for slight carrying around.


        The main material type Cloth (polyester)
        The number of the air chambers 6 air chambers
        Color: < Black >
        Materials: front surface: Polyester, lining: Polyester, heart: Synthetic rubber, polypropylene
        Dimensions: 200mm in width X thickness 20mm X 280mm in height ※We do not include steering wheel
        Weight : About 220 g
        Department in PC storing size Reference Storage Dimension: yakufuku 190 X depth 15 X 270mm in height
        Supported devices: The one for 8.5-10.5 inches of tablet ※It is information as of March, 2016. Please confirm the latest information in corresponding table of ELECOM homepage

        The latest correspondence information of this product is this

        • Specifications may change without a notice, thank you for your understanding.
        • Tablet PC compatibility table
        • 12.9 inches of iPad Pro (2020 model)
        • iPad Pro (2020 model) of 11 inches
        • iPad Air (2019 model)
        • 10.2 inches of iPads (2019 model)
        • iPad mini (2019 model)
        • Surface Go-adaptive accessories
        • Surface Pro-adaptive accessories
        • Surface Pro X-adaptive accessories
        • Accessories for exclusive use of Apple Pencil
        • Icarus security software
        • Tablet case custom
        • Accessories-related product to use with Chromebook

        We choose among model (tablet PC)