Tablet frequent use ZEROSHOCK case


In hard heart and low-elasticity Polyurethane, it absorbs shock to screen. Tablet frequent use ZEROSHOCK case which guards screen in correspondence with tablet of 8.5-10.5 inches strongly.


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      Features of product

          ZEROSHOCK case which guards screen strongly

          Using material superior in shock energy absorbency, it is tablet frequent use ZEROSHOCK case guarding screen strongly.

          Heart harder in flap

          In flap, we adopt harder heart which protects screen of tablet even if sharp thing hits case.

          It absorbs shock effectively

          In addition, we adopt low-elasticity Polyurethane that the repulsion elasticity is very small (we are depressed slowly and come back slowly) and absorb shock effectively.

          Flap is with magnet

          We can easily fasten flap with magnet.

          It supports tablet of 8.5-10.5 inches

          It supports tablet of 8.5-10.5 inches.

          Band which we can hold with two phases

          In rubber band made of Silicone which flexible can hold with two phases, it supports various tablet.

          360 degrees can turn in case part

          We come by the stands setting to length because we can turn case part 360 degrees when we see sideways long WEB page lengthwise when we see Video.

          Video audition is comfortable

          Video audition is comfortable to put in groove of the flap inside, and to become the stands.

          Out camera shooting is possible with putting on

          Shooting is possible with out camera with by turning tablet fixed portion, putting on.

          It is touch pen holder on the back

          We insert touch pen in back touch pen holder and are portable.

          With hand hold belt

          There is hand hold belt which we hold in one hand and are easy to operate.

          The case inside adopts velvet-like material

          We adopt velvet-like material which is hard to hurt main unit in the case inside.

          Cabling is possible with putting on

          We connect cable with attaching tablet to case, and Charge is possible.


          Supported devices: 8.5-10.5 inches of tablet PCs (158mm in width X 6.7mm in depth X 231mm in height - 195mm in width X 19.3mm in depth X 266mm in height)
          Set contents Case X 1
          Materials: Case part: Polyester band part: Silicone
          Color: < Black >
          Product weight About 340 g

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          • Specifications may change without a notice, thank you for your understanding.
          • Tablet PC compatibility table
          • 12.9 inches of iPad Pro (2020 model)
          • iPad Pro (2020 model) of 11 inches
          • iPad Air (2019 model)
          • 10.2 inches of iPads (2019 model)
          • iPad mini (2019 model)
          • Surface Go-adaptive accessories
          • Surface Pro-adaptive accessories
          • Surface Pro X-adaptive accessories
          • Accessories for exclusive use of Apple Pencil
          • Icarus security software
          • Tablet case custom
          • Accessories-related product to use with Chromebook

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