Peep prevention Film


Peep prevention Film for 9.7 inches of iPad Pro of Anti-reflective type to protect privacy, and to prevent wound and dirt.


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      Features of product

      • Prevention of peep
        We prevent peep from the right, left, up and down

        It is hard to be able to see and, by window shade processing, does display display from vertical and horizontal 360 degrees except Front (angle of field 65 degrees) and follows privacy.

        Field of vision an angle of 65 degrees
        Prevention of all direction peeps
      • Anti-reflective
        Cuts down on light / background reflection.

        Special AG (anti-glare) coating cuts down on glare, making the screen easier to see.

        AG (anti goes wrong a) processing
      • Bubble-less
        Bubble which entered disappears 24 hours later

        When we put, bubble is hard to enter and when we enter, bubble is broken up with passage of time and becomes inconspicuous. In addition, we take in small dust, and bubble is not left to screen.

        We take in small dust, and bubble is not left to screen
        Bubble is broken up, and bubble disappears
      • Fingerprint reduction
        Fingerprint is hard to be outstanding

        Even if we are involved and operate, fingerprint becomes hard to be outstanding.

      • Smooth coat
        Finger slide is smooth

        Finger sliding gets smooth and operation on screen is smooth and becomes comfortable.

      • Hard court
        It is hard to be damaged and keeps Film neatly

        By hard court processing, it is hard to be damaged and keeps Film long as clean state.

      • Re-adsorption
        Can be reapplied if you make a mistake.

        We can put again without harming adsorption power even if we tear off Film by Adhesive surface of Silicone material.

      • Self-adsorption
        It sticks naturally just to put and is easy to put

        It sticks to nature and screen just to put Film by self-adsorption processing.

      • It is 9.7 inches of iPad Pro peep prevention Film limiting view from the right, left, up and down by special window shade processing.
      • We protect LCD screen from wound and dirt, fingerprint well.
      • We cope with touch screen input that we are putting Film, and the body operation is possible.
      • It supports apple pencil.
      • We coat silicone skin on pasting up side, and pasting up is possible self adsorption type without using adhesive and double-stick tape. It is easy to put and we put again and are possible.
      • As we have been cut to LCD screen Dimensions of 9.7 inches of iPad Pro, we take out of the package and are available immediately.


      Supported devices: 9.7 inches of iPad Pro
      Set contents LCD protective film (peep prevention Specifications) X 1
      Materials: Application side: Silicone film, the outside: PET
      • Specifications may change without a notice, thank you for your understanding.