Thin penholder type slim grip case type for apple pencil


We cover the whole Apple Pencil and prevent loss of cap and are product made in Silicone grip of thin penholder type corresponding to the Apple Pencil first generation which it is easy to have with slim shape.


    Model number /JANCD Features Standard price Remarks
    TB-APECNBSBK 4549550155960
    < Black > Open price Under the release
    TB-APECNBSCR 4549550155977
    Clear Open price Under the release

      Features of product

          We prevent loss of cap

          We prevent that cap of Apple Pencil is lost in in Charge because we overturn to cap part.

          Thin penholder type

          It is thin penholder type that is recommended to person grasping lightly.

          Case type to cover up the whole

          It is case type to cover up the whole of the Apple Pencil first generation.

          We use grippy Silicone material

          By putting on grip using grippy Silicone material, the Apple Pencil first generation of the slippery surface becomes grippy.

          Design that is hard to have dirt and dust itself

          As we give anti-dust coat, it is design that is hard to have dirt and dust itself.

          Wearing method

          You insert the tip of Apple Pencil from the upper part of This product and put on, and please cover with cap last.

          Disassembly method

          You take off cap part, and please remove as if pushing This product out of edge.

          • ※When you put on and take off This product, you have the apparatus body well, and please go slowly.


          Supported devices: The Apple Pencil first generation
          Materials: Silicone rubber
          Color: < Black >
          • Specifications may change without a notice, thank you for your understanding.
          • Tablet PC compatibility table
          • 12.9 inches of iPad Pro (2020 model)
          • iPad Pro (2020 model) of 11 inches
          • iPad Air (2019 model)
          • 10.2 inches of iPads (2019 model)
          • iPad mini (2019 model)
          • Surface Go-adaptive accessories
          • Surface Pro-adaptive accessories
          • Surface Pro X-adaptive accessories
          • Accessories for exclusive use of Apple Pencil
          • Icarus security software
          • Tablet case custom
          • Accessories-related product to use with Chromebook

          We choose among model (tablet PC)