The Charge-adaptive bedside stands


Charge is possible through cable from hole of slit, too. Side table to put smartphone and tablet beside bed.


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    TB-DSCHBEDWH 4549550129398
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      Features of product

          Side table which we can put smartphone and tablet beside bed

          It is side table which we can put smartphone and tablet beside bed.

          ※In structure of This product, please do not put thing of weight more than relative load in This product.

          It is easy to connect Charge cable

          There is hole in slit of table part and makes it easy to connect Charge cable.

          We insert in slit and are audible and visible

          We insert smartphone and tablet in slit of table part, and we put up actual machine, and the seeing and hearing is possible.

          Two phases of H adjustment is possible

          Two phases of H adjustment is possible depending on thickness of mattress.

          Usage of the stands

          Please insert two L-shape frames in outlet in the side of table.

          You insert frame between mattress and bed, and please fix to bedside.

          When you lean the apparatus body, please use in Dimensions delivered to slit Internal Dimensions.


          Materials: Table part: ABS, L-shape frame: Steel
          Dimensions: Table part: About 302mm in width X about 191mm in depth X about 30mm in height, L-shape frame: About 30mm in width X about 150mm in depth X about 200mm in height
          Weight About 580 g
          Color: < White >
          Supported devices: Smartphone, tablet PC with displacer is 11 inches or less 4 inches or more
          Angle adjustment X
          • Specifications may change without a notice, thank you for your understanding.
          • Smartphone compatibility table
          • Android summer of 2019 model supported product
          • iPhone 11/11 Pro/11 Pro MAX-adaptive accessories
          • What is Wi-Fi standard "Wi-Fi 6" in the next generation for beginners? Happy Wi-Fi Life

          We choose among model (smartphone)

          • Smartphone tablet-adaptive USB memory
          • USB hub
          • Icarus security software
          • Data restoration service microSD card with
          • ELECOM APPS
          • AirPods with Wireless Charging Case Qi Charge-adaptive table