Free cut BLC Film (8 inches, Glossy)


We just cut to screen size! It is blue light cut, Glossy LCD protective film of Free cut type of correspondence to 8 inches to protect LCD screen of tablet from wound and dirt.


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    TB-FR8FLBLAG 4953103554375
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      Features of product

          Adjustable size to be usable in all tablet Dimensions (※)

          It is LCD protective film of Free cut type to protect LCD screen of tablet from wound and dirt. It is Free cut type that we just match with screen size and can cut. We print squares eyes on rikei sheet and can confirm just Dimensions.

          (※) It supports Dimensions of popular mini tablet of 8 inches. In the case of model that LCD screen curves, we may not cover the whole LCD screen.

          We can put neatly

          By sticking on attached cushion sheet orikei sheet, and cutting, can cut protection Film neatly and prevent rise of Film at the time of pasting up. (patent Registered)

          We cut about 34% of blue lights

          It is LCD protective film cutting blue partial "blue light" in light that LED liquid crystal display emits about 34%.

          Blue light arrives at retina without being absorbed with cornea and the crystalline lens of eyes, and it is said that we may cause functional decline of retina. We design Film to see naturally without not only cutting blue light effectively, but also changing color as much as possible.

          Screen is clean without fingerprint being left

          There is hard to be fingerprint by anti-fingerprint processing and keeps screen neatly

          Photos / Videos in Beautiful Colors

          We realize translucency not to harm image quality and see photograph and video neatly

          We prevent sweat and sebum dirt

          There is hard to be fingerprint by anti-fingerprint processing and keeps screen neatly

          Airless processing that bubble disappears

          When we put, bubble is hard to enter and does not attract attention with time when we entered either

          We keep strong in wound neatly

          Pencil hardness 3H ※We are strong in wound by hard court processing of this ※3H pencil hardness is a true value.

          We finish putting again even if we fail

          We put without harming adsorption power even if we fail by Silicone adsorption, and fixing is possible

          We can shake off drop of water

          We can easily shake off drop of water which adhered on the Film by Water repellent. ※It is not waterproofing product. ※By quantity of drop of water, there may be influence in the apparatus body.

          We can put Film neatly

          Spatula for Film pasting that Film can put neatly, cleaning cross, Dust removal sticker seal chestnut and are attached

          Touch screen correspondence

          We cope with touch screen input that we are putting Film, and the body operation is possible.


          Set contents LCD protective film (air replies mousse touch Specifications) X 1, cushion sheet X 1, X 1 to seal chestnut as for the Dust removal sticker X 1, cleaning cross X 1
          Dimensions LCD protective film (155mm in width X 0.2mm in depth X 230mm in height)
          Materials: LCD protective film/PET (Adhesive surface: Silicone), cushion sheet/polyethylene (Application side: Acrylic adhesive)

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          • Specifications may change without a notice, thank you for your understanding.