Glass Film/gorilla for LZ-WA10/W1


Feel of a material of glass which does not spoil design of the body! It is liquid crystalline protection glass for shock-resistant tablet /ZEROSHOCK tablet SLIM "LZ-WA10/W1" which adopted tough Gorilla(R) glass.


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    TB-LZWA10FLGGGO 4549550163026
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      Features of product

      • Antibacterially process
        It is clean anytime

        We suppress propagation of various germs by antibacterially processing and keep clean screen anytime.

        Film which coats bacteria/bacteria
      • Anti-fingerprint
        There is hard to be fingerprint and can easily wipe off

        When there is hard to be, and fingerprint is left by anti-fingerprint processing of the Film surface, we can easily wipe off. Even if we are involved and operate, fingerprint becomes hard to be outstanding.

        Fingerprint is hard to be outstanding
      • High gloss
        We see photograph, video neatly

        For high light transmittance, it is translucency not to harm image quality. It shows color of photograph and video neatly.

        Translucency not to harm image quality
      • Liquid crystalline protection glass
        Beautiful transparency peculiar to glass and fluent finger sliding

        It is "liquid crystalline protection glass" which adopted "real glass". We realized beautiful transparency and fluent finger sliding peculiar to glass.

      • Round edge
        There are few catches of finger

        We put "round edge processing" that let edge have roundness to be hard to fall when we take out of time and the bag which we grasped.

      • Prevention of scattering design

        High stability is realized by prevention of special scattering design.

        We realize high safety without being scattered by prevention of special scattering design when it has been broken by any chance.

      • The high hardness
        We are strong in wound by the high hardness processing

        We adopt tempered glass of surface hardness 9H (ability level) and are hard to be broken and are reliable.

      • Tough Gorilla® glass
        Tough Gorilla® glass

        Liquid crystalline protection glass which adopted Gorilla® glass which was ultrathin, and was tough.

      • High durability

        Finger sliding lasts a long time by high durability Special coating.

        We give high durability Special coating which continues maintaining fluent finger sliding for a long time.

      • We adopt real glass realizing fluent finger sliding. It is liquid crystalline protection glass of ultrathin type for shock-resistant tablet /ZEROSHOCK tablet SLIM "LZ-WA10/W1" which adopted Gorilla(R) glass.
      • By tempered glass adoption of surface hardness 9H, we prevent wound of the protection glass surface. ※The surface hardness is ability level.
      • We give round edge processing without catch at the time of time and takeoff from bag that we held.
      • It is hard to get fingerprint, sebum dirt and gives anti-fingerprint processing to be able to easily wipe off when we stay.
      • We coat silicone skin on pasting up side, and pasting up is possible self adsorption type without using adhesive and double-stick tape. It is easy to put and we put again and are possible.
      • As we have been cut by Dimensions to shape of terminal, we take out of the package and are available immediately.
      • We cope with touch screen input that we are putting Film, and the body operation is possible.
      • We realize high safety without glass piece being scattered by prevention of special scattering design when it has been broken by any chance.
      • We adopt tough Gorilla(R) glass.


      Supported devices: LZ-WA10/W1
      Set contents LCD protective film (Gorilla(R) glass Specifications) X 1, Dust removal sticker X 1, cleaning cross X 1, spatula X 1
      Materials: Application side: Silicone, the outside: Glass, PET
      • Specifications may change without a notice, thank you for your understanding.