Shoulder strap. for LZ-WA10/W1


It is Shoulder strap. for shock-resistant tablet /ZEROSHOCK tablet SLIM "LZ-WA10/W1".


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    TB-LZWA10SB 4549550163057
    Open price The few days release

      Features of product

          Logitec of ELECOM group is PC peripheral device synthesis manufacturer. We treat apparatuses for hard disk, SSD, NAS, optics drive, wireless LAN, corporations.

          • It is Shoulder strap. for shock-resistant tablet /ZEROSHOCK tablet SLIM "LZ-WA10/W1".
          • By putting installation parts to hand strap part of the body, can use Shoulder strap.
          • You confirm that there are installation parts well, and please use Shoulder strap.
          • We are strong, and Shoulder strap. is good a bit big type of a feeling of fitting. In addition, there is shoulder pat that shoulder and neck are hard to be tired from by long-time use.
          • Please do not use in Uses except Shoulder strap.


          Supported devices: LZ-WA10/W1
          Set contents Shoulder strap. body X 1, installation parts x2
          Materials: The Shoulder strap. body: Synthetic Leather, polypropylene/installation parts: Synthetic Leather, zinc alloy
          • Specifications may change without a notice, thank you for your understanding.