MiniDisplayPort-HDMI/VGA Converter adapter


It is most suitable for presentation in the place where one go to. HDMI/VGA Converter adapter for Mini DisplayPort which can display Video of Mini DisplayPort deployment apparatuses such as Surface series in TV and projector.


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    TB-MDPHDVGABK 4953103488120
    0.15m 6,740 yen (tax-excluded)
    7,414 yen (tax-included)
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      Features of product

          Converter adapter which can output Video of Mini DisplayPort apparatus to display or projector

          It is Converter adapter which can output digital Video of Mini DisplayPort deployment apparatuses such as Surface series to display or projector having HDMI (Type-A19 pin) connector and VGA (D-sub15 pin) connector.

          1,920*1,080 dot resolution (FHD) correspondence

          We cope with 1,920*1,080 dot resolution (FHD).

          It supports HDMI/Mini DisplayPort voice output

          It supports HDMI/Mini DisplayPort digital voice output.

          ※Voice output is correspondence only for apparatus corresponding to some voice output.

          Copyright protection technology correspondence

          We cope with HDCP which is copyright protection technology to prevent unauthorized copying of digital content.

          ※It does not support DPCP.

          ※VGA terminal does not support.

          Uses Gold Coated Plugs

          We adopt Gold plated pin which strongly suppresses signal degradation for rust.

          Triple shielded cable adoption

          We adopt triple shielded cable suppressing interference of external noise.

          ※We cannot make conversions from HDMI and VGA to Mini DisplayPort.

          ※Dual output of HDMI and VGA is not made.

          ※When we are connected to both Jack at the same time, the VGA output is given priority to.


          Supported devices: Surface, tablet PC, PC equipped with MiniDisplayPort and cable adapter which was equipped with HDMI (type A-19 pin male)/VGA (D-Sub15 pin male)
          Connector type: miniDisplayPort male - HDMI (type A-19 pin scalpel)/VGA (D-Sub15 pin scalpel)
          Cable type Normal type
          Correspondence resolution 1920 X 1080dpi correspondence
          Shield method Triple Shield
          Cable length 0.15m ※We do not include connector
          Color: < Black >

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