Peep prevention/magnet type/180 degrees for Surface Pro6


Magnet type which we can easily remove. Peep prevention filter that we prevent eyes from the circumference, and tablet operation is possible in peace.


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      Features of product

      [inspection!] Visual hacking measures

      Than theft, loss of information terminal "visual hacking" (peep) with the risk of information leakage. Measures cannot miss utilization of "peep prevention filter"! Promotion of Mobile work advances, and use of terminal the outdoors became daily life, but, as for the scene that screen of another person gets into eyes frequently, anyone thinks that there is experience.

      We can unexpectedly easily read confidential information and can lead to loss of reliability if we understand company name! Actually please see by all means as we inspected how much information you can read.

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          Peep prevention filter which prevents eyes from the circumference

          We prevent eyes from the circumference in the moving inside and office and are prevention of peep filter that there is PC operation in peace.

          Cuts down on light / background reflection.

          Special AG (anti-glare) coating cuts down on glare, making the screen easier to see.

          Simple putting on and taking off

          We can easily put on and take off because we use magnet which terminal has built-in.

          Function is with slipper

          By adopting rubber material to frame, is hard to slide down and is available comfortably.

          It is hard to be damaged and keeps Film neatly

          By hard court processing, it is hard to be damaged and keeps Film long as clean state.

          We cut ultraviolet rays

          As we cut 99.9% of ultraviolet rays, we guard eyes and body from harmful ultraviolet rays.

          Fingerprint is hard to be outstanding

          Even if we are involved and operate, fingerprint becomes hard to be outstanding.

          Finger slide is smooth

          Finger sliding gets smooth and operation on screen is smooth and becomes comfortable.

          We cut one blue light of factor of asthenopia

          Blue light is blue light with energy that is strong in visible ray. Blue light arrives to the depths of eyes, and it is said that we may cause functional decline of retina. Blue light sheet film cuts blue light emitted from displays such as smartphone and reduces eyestrain of many modern people at opportunity when we continue watching display.


          Supported devices: Surface Pro 7, Surface Pro 6, the Surface Pro fifth generation, Surface Pro LTE Advanced (GWM-00009), Surface Pro 4
          Filter thickness Filter part: 0.38mm
          Blue light cut rate About 42%
          Ultraviolet rays cut rate 99.9%
          Ultraviolet rays cut function
          Visible ray transmissivity 63%
          Static-free function X
          Dimensions: W About 287mm X H: About 198mm, filter thickness: About 0.38mm, frame thickness: About 1.00mm
          Materials: Peep prevention filter: PET, rubber, iron
          Attachment means Possess by magnet magnetic force
          Set contents Prevention of magnet-style peek filter X 1

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          • Tablet PC compatibility table
          • 12.9 inches of iPad Pro (2020 model)
          • iPad Pro (2020 model) of 11 inches
          • iPad Air (2019 model)
          • 10.2 inches of iPads (2019 model)
          • iPad mini (2019 model)
          • Surface Go-adaptive accessories
          • Surface Pro-adaptive accessories
          • Surface Pro X-adaptive accessories
          • Accessories for exclusive use of Apple Pencil
          • Icarus security software
          • Tablet case custom
          • Accessories-related product to use with Chromebook

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