The storage of tablet storage (ten)


It is the storage of tablet storage with key which we can store while charging tablet PC to ten. It is with parting strip.


    Model number /JANCD Features Standard price Remarks
    TB-SB10 4953103322998
    Ten are packable 60,000 yen (tax-excluded)
    66,000 yen (tax-included)
    Build-to-order manufacturing
    • As correspondence may be different from normal products such as deadline or price about order industrial goods, in the case of order, please refer for the details.

    Features of product

        Charge is possible with storing tablet PC to ten

        It is the storage of tablet storage with key which we can store while charging tablet PC to ten.
        It is packable to 13.3 inches of Dimensions.
        2 step stacks of the storage of storage are possible, too.

        With parting strip, cushion pad

        As it is with cushion pad, we do not damage tablet PC.

        Parting strip is bundled and is customizable depending on use environment.

        We install power supply tap in the rear space

        Power supply tap establishes setting space backward to let wiring be refreshing.

        We place cable clip back and forth.

        Door is with key

        Anteroposterior door is with key. As both front, back doors are locked, we can keep in peace.

        Exhaust heat hole in coordination with indoor temperature

        We open exhaust heat hole on the side thoroughly to miss heat.

        Security wire installation is possible

        We prevent what by attaching cable of security wire to the side, is changed unnecessarily.

        H adjustment screw includes in base

        With H adjustment screw, we can coordinate H of base.

        Setting example

        Setting image in classroom

        Setting example (we pile up 2 steps)

        Setting image in classroom

        About each dimension


        Dimensions: 410mm in width X 500mm in depth X 450mm in height
        Weight About 12.5 kg
        Effective dimensions Storing dimensions between parting strip: 30mm in width X 334mm in depth X 291mm in height
        Set contents The body X 1, parting strip X 11, clip X 10 for Charge cable, buffering pat X 1, nut X 4, hole stuffing pat (the small) X 4, hole stuffing pat (very much) X 2, key (for the front, back door) X 2
        Materials: Steel
        Storing number Ten
        Connection It is connectable to two
        Color: < White >
        Others Recommended TAP (separate sale): T-Y3A-2720WH, T-Y3A-2750WH recommendation wire (separate sale): ESL-NK, ESL-W22 series
        • Specifications may change without a notice, thank you for your understanding.