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It is Shock Absorbing Film for ZEROSHOCK TABLET 10.1 inches solid tablet PC (LT-WMT10 series) of Anti-reflective type that multi-pet structure absorbs shock and protects LCD screen.


    Model number /JANCD Features Standard price Remarks
    TB-WMT10FLP 4549550100519
    2,780 yen (tax-excluded)
    3,058 yen (tax-included)
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      Features of product

      • Shock absorption
        It absorbs shock from the outside

        Film of special structure absorbs shock and is Shock Absorbing Film protecting LCD screen from wound and dirt.

        Glass is not broken even if we let iron ball of 150g fall over H of 100cm
      • Anti-fingerprint
        There is hard to be fingerprint and can easily wipe off

        When there is hard to be, and fingerprint is left by anti-fingerprint processing of the Film surface, we can easily wipe off. Even if we are involved and operate, fingerprint becomes hard to be outstanding.

        Fingerprint is hard to be outstanding
      • Anti-reflective
        Cuts down on light / background reflection.

        Special AG (anti-glare) coating cuts down on glare, making the screen easier to see.

        AG (anti goes wrong a) processing
      • Bubble-less
        Bubble which entered disappears 24 hours later

        When we put, bubble is hard to enter and when we enter, bubble is broken up with passage of time and becomes inconspicuous. In addition, we take in small dust, and bubble is not left to screen.

        We take in small dust, and bubble is not left to screen
        Bubble is broken up, and bubble disappears
      • Smooth coat
        Finger slide is smooth

        Finger sliding gets smooth and operation on screen is smooth and becomes comfortable.

      • Self-adsorption
        It sticks naturally just to put and is easy to put

        It sticks to nature and screen just to put Film by self-adsorption processing.

      • Half cut
        Pasting up of Film is easy

        Pasting up of Film is easily possible because we adopt half sheet film.

      • Made in Japan
        Made in Japan of relief

        As bottom of thorough quality control of Japan is made, you can use in peace.

        Made in Japan
      • It is Shock Absorbing Film for ZEROSHOCK TABLET 10.1 inches solid tablet PC (LT-WMT10 series) which multi-pet structure absorbs shock, and protects LCD screen.
      • It is airless type that adopted special adsorption layer that bubble is not outstanding with passage of time.
      • When small bubble was made, we can pull bubble by pushing with fingers.
      • We give anti-fingerprint coating that there interferes with being in fingerprint dirt.
      • It is Anti-reflective type to realize mio weight including image of light, screen which it is easy to look at.
      • In surface finish which reduced friction, we realize smooth comfortable operation.
      • By experiment to drop iron ball of 150g from H of 100cm to glass, This product resulted in protecting screen whereas screen was damaged in Other conventional products. ※Based on ELECOM test results
      • ※From hard ball drop test result (ability level) to glass by us. It is an ability value and is not a guaranteed value.
      • We coat silicone skin on pasting up side, and pasting up is possible self adsorption type without using adhesive and double-stick tape. It is easy to put and we put again and are possible. Adsorption power is restored by washing in water.
      • As we have been cut by Dimensions to shape of terminal, we take out of the package and are available immediately.
      • Exclusive Hera who can put Film neatly and cleaning cross, Dust removal sticker are attached.


      Supported devices: LT-WMT10HS, LT-WMT10MS, LT-WMT10LS, LT-WMT10HD, LT-WMT10MD, LT-WMT10LD, LT-WMT10H, LT-WMT10M, LT-WMT10L
      Set contents LCD protective film (shock-resistant Anti-reflective Specifications) X 1, Dust removal sticker X 1, cleaning cross X 1, spatula X 1
      Materials: Application side: Silicone, the outside: PET

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