Mechanical gaming keyboard


It will be most suitable for person who wants to enjoy esports from now on! Mechanical gaming keyboard which adopted 50 million times of high durability Switch in correspondence with all key rollover.


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    TK-G01UKBK 4953103356245
    17,780 yen (tax-excluded)
    19,558 yen (tax-included)
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      Features of product

          Gaming keyboard which adopted high durability mechanical Switch which was worthy of intense key input

          It is gaming keyboard which adopted 50 million times of high durability mechanical Switch which is worthy of intense key input.

          All key rollover correspondence

          It supports all key rollover that all keys can input at the same time and is feasible without unexpectedly losing all operation in the game for having many kinds.

          Gaming key cap is attached

          Gaming key chief who can change eight keys including "W" to use many at the time of game play "A" "S" "D" key is attached. Gaming key chief is doing surface irregularities in Specifications unlike normal key, and operability improves.

          Key cap release is attached

          The key to key cap cap release which is convenient for putting on and taking off is attached.

          The gaming mode deployment

          It is equipped with gaming mode invalidating operation of Windows key/menu key and gets rid of unexpected game interruption during game play.

          We adopt Japanese array

          We adopt Japanese array that we are easy to input at the time of chat.

          Comfortable typing is possible

          To movement of finger, we adopt shape that the whole key did round, and comfortable typing is possible.

          We adopt deeper Key stroke of 4.0mm

          We adopt deeper Key stroke of 4.0mm that it is easy to input.


          Interface: USB
          Connector type: USB (A) male
          Supported devices: The Windows OS equipped with Universal Serial Bus port-based machine
          Supported OS Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, ※Update to latest version of each OS and installation of service pack may be necessary.
          Color: < Black >
          Key type Mechanical
          Key Caps Japanese 91 key
          Key pitch 19.0mm
          Key stroke 4.0mm
          Power supply method USB Bus powered
          Cable length About 2.0m
          Dimensions: 366.3mm in width X 142.6mm in depth X 37.0mm in height (we do not include the stands)/366.3mm in width X 142.6mm in depth X 52.5mm in height (in the stands)
          Dimensions classification Compact
          Weight : About 976.8 g
          Accessories: Key cap X 8 for exchange, key cap release X 1, User manual X 1
          Term of a guarantee Six months

          The latest correspondence information of this product is this

          • Specifications may change without a notice, thank you for your understanding.