Compact USB numeric keypad

TK-TCM013 series TK-TCM013BK

Impracticable compact Dimensions which space-saving, is helpful. Standard compact USB numeric keypad of with [Tab] key, [00] key which is convenient for input.


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    TK-TCM013BK 4953103458161
    < Black > 2,640 yen (tax-excluded)
    2,904 yen (tax-included)
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      Features of product

          Compact USB numeric keypad

          Impracticable compact Dimensions which space-saving, is helpful. It is standard compact USB numeric keypad with [Tab] key which is convenient for work by Excel and the key which is convenient for input [00] to number.

          • TK-TCM013BK

            < Black >

          • TK-TCM013WH

            < White >

          We realize comfortable input work by Excel

          We are connected and are available immediately!

          Installation such as exclusive drivers is unnecessary and are usable immediately just to be connected to Universal Serial Bus port of PC.

          10 million times of high durability key adoption

          We adopt strong key enduring up to 10 million times of Key stroke.

          We are equipped with LED lamp

          ON-OFF state of NumLock is equipped with LED lamp to understand at glance.


          Interface: USB
          Connector type: USB[A]
          Supported devices: Windows PC equipped with USB Interface
          Supported OS Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows RT8.1, Windows 7(SP1), Windows Vista (SP2)
          Color: < Black >
          Key type Membrane
          Key Caps 20 keys
          Key pitch 16mm
          Key stroke 2.3mm
          Power supply method USB Bus powered
          Cable length 0.5m
          Dimensions: fuku 78 X depth 127.5 X 24.0mm in height (cable assembly is excluded)
          Weight : About 97 g
          Term of a guarantee Six months
          • Specifications may change without a notice, thank you for your understanding.