2.4GHz wireless numeric keypad

TK-TDM017 series TK-TDM017BK

Desk feels fine by wireless! Wireless numeric keypad of 2.4GHz that we can operate by stable communication comfortably.


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    TK-TDM017BK 4953103310575
    4,420 yen (tax-excluded)
    4,862 yen (tax-included)
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      Features of product

          Wireless numeric keypad which we can operate by stable communication comfortably

          It is wireless numeric keypad of 2.4GHz that we can operate by stable communication comfortably. We adopt strong key enduring up to 10 million times of Key stroke.

          [Tab] Key and with [00] key

          There are [Tab] key which is convenient for work by Excel and the key which is convenient for input [00] to number.

          LED lamp which NumLock, battery residual quantity understand

          ON-OFF state of NumLock is equipped with LED lamp to understand at glance. During use, it flashes on and off when battery capacity decreases.

          Power supply ON/OFF Switch is equipped with by the body side

          We equip the body side with power supply ON/OFF Switch.

          Installation work is unnecessary

          We can use installation work such as exclusive drivers immediately just to be connected by unnecessary.


          Interface: USB
          Connector type: USB(A)male
          Supported devices: PC/AT compatibles equipped with Universal Serial Bus port
          Supported OS Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 7(SP1), Windows XP (SP3)
          Color: < Black >
          Communication method: GFSK method
          Radio frequency: 2.4GHz
          Radio wave outreach: When we use on magnetic body (including desk of iron): When we use on about 3m, nonmagnetic material (including desk of tree): About 10 mm ※*These values are based on our tests and are not for guaranteed performance.
          Key type Membrane
          Key Caps 20 keys
          Key pitch 19.0mm
          Key stroke 2.5mm
          Power supply (the keyboard body) One of an AA alkali dry cell, an AA manganese dry cell, and an AA NiMH rechargeable battery
          Estimated battery life Expected life when using alkali batteries: about 1.3 years ※Our test value
          Dimensions (the keyboard body) fuku 90 X depth 140 X 26.5mm in height
          Weight (the keyboard body) About 107 g ※We do not include battery
          Dimensions (receiver) 18.0mm in width X 13.1mm in depth X 5.7mm in height
          Weight (receiver) About 2 g
          Accessories: User manual X 1, AA alkali dry cell X 1 for operation check, receiver unit X 1
          Term of a guarantee Six months
          Others VCCI classB correspondence

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