Furniture fall prevention appliance (L-type)


At the time of earthquake occurrence, shock absorption pad absorbs shaking of earthquake; prevention of furniture fall appliance "yu retan" for seismic intensity of 7!


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    TS-F001 4549550134415
    5,310 yen (tax-excluded)
    5,841 yen (tax-included)
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      Features of product

      Introduction [TS-F001/TS-F009] of earthquake-resistant goods "yu retan" of ELECOM

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          Furniture fall prevention appliance "yu retan" for seismic intensity of 7

          It is furniture fall prevention appliance "yu retan" where shock absorption pad absorbs shaking of earthquake at the time of earthquake occurrence for seismic intensity of 7. We clear vibration test of a seismic intensity of 7 equivalency including Great East Japan Earthquake, Kumamoto earthquake, the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake.

          We prevent fall of furniture

          Shock absorption pad absorbs shaking of earthquake and prevents fall of furniture.

          Installation is easy

          We can install just to put This product on wall and furniture.

          We adopt the adhesion seat to be able to tear off

          We adopt the adhesion sheet to be able to tear off not to hurt obstacle. As sign does not remain, it is Specifications that it is easy to use on wall of lease.

          It is available for various furniture

          It is available to chest, bookshelf, cupboard, various furniture including cabinet.

          Made in Japan of relief

          It is Made in Japan of relief.

          Wall materials which we can attach

          Wood, steel lumber, wall paper, plastered wall

          Wall materials which we cannot attach

          Cement mortar wall, wall with irregularities, special wall paper (surface tender wall paper, cork wall paper, Japanese paper, wall paper made of paper cloth, sliding paper-door, shoji)

          ※The wall paper materials mentioned above become reference example. Before use, we will recommend confirmation by the following "confirmation method of wall materials".

          Confirmation method of wall paper which we can attach

          1. We stick packing tape (20mm in width X around 50mm in length) made of commercial cloth on wall surface.
          2. Please confirm that you stick well.
          3. We tear off tape slowly for approximately three seconds. Please confirm whether a part of the wall materials does not attach to the adhesion side then. We attach and enable even point of the wall paper damage in terms of strength if it does not attach.
          • ※Please perform test at place that is not outstanding.

          Attachment means

          Before installation, please wipe off dirt, dust, water, oil content of installation part well.

          1. Furniture lets you move 20-30cm from wall to this side and tears off detachment paper on the furniture side of This product.
          2. We thrust pasting up, 3-4 times to 1-20cm from the edge of furniture top plate and put.
            ※When we stick on the side, we stick by one on upper right and left of furniture as possible.
          3. We tear off detachment paper on the wall side of This product and move furniture to wall and we thrust 3-4 times for wall and touch.
          4. Please install so that furniture and gap with wall become about 2cm.
            ※Approximately 5mm compressed state is basic sponge.
            ※After the setting, please do not move for 72 hours to stabilize the adhesion.

          Caution in case of installation

          As the initial adhesive strength of shock absorption pad decreases at time when outside temperature falls and may not show original performance, we will recommend method to stick after sticking, and warming up aspect with dryers slightly. By warming up, the adhesive strength is restored and becomes able to stick well.

          Disassembly method

          1. To degree that hand belongs under between wall, we move furniture slowly.
          2. You put finger between adhesive and wall like figure to take sponge part off wall surface, and please tear off little by little.
          3. When you are hard to tear off, you cut sponge part of This product with cutter and take off and tear off after warming up with dryers, and softening the adhesion side of sponge which it remained, or please use commercial tape stripping agent.

          Caution in case of disassembly

          When sensitive wall surfaces such as plastered walls such as the plaster, diatomaceous earth, paint remove, they might damage wall. As for the use to sensitive furniture such as unvanished wooden paulownia chest and lacquering, varnish coating, there might be change of color and detachment later. We appreciate your understanding.

          • ※This product is intended to minimize fall by shaking and does not take responsibility for damage and accident caused by earthquakes.


          Dimensions 127mm in width X 86mm in depth X 85mm in height
          Weight About 88 g (one)
          Color: Brown
          Enter; number Two
          Application temperature -10 degrees Celsius - 50 degrees Celsius
          Service life Eight years (it varies according to terms of use)
          Withstand load 115 kg (at the time of use of two)
          Materials: ABS resin, polyether foam, the cloth adhesion materials
          Others Patent Registered
          • Specifications may change without a notice, thank you for your understanding.
          • Security wire special feature

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