Furniture connection sheet


By connecting plural furniture on seat, become strong in shaking of earthquake; furniture connection seat "yu retan" for seismic intensity of 7!


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    TS-F004 4549550134422
    3,880 yen (tax-excluded)
    4,268 yen (tax-included)
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      Features of product

      Introduction [TS-F004] of earthquake-resistant gussu "yu retan" of ELECOM

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          Furniture connection sheet "yu retan" for seismic intensity of 7

          By connecting plural furniture on seat, become strong in shaking of earthquake! It is furniture connection sheet "yu retan" for seismic intensity of 7. We clear vibration test of a seismic intensity of 7 equivalency including Great East Japan Earthquake, Kumamoto earthquake, the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake.

          We prevent fall caused by earthquake

          By connecting furniture, household articles in This product, prevent fall caused by earthquake.

          Seat with glass fiber which can connect furniture well

          As seat with glass fiber resists pulling in fiber direction, we can connect furniture well.

          It is available for various furniture

          It is available to various furniture including top and bottom separation types such as bookshelf, cupboard, shoe cupboard, office shelf, cabinet.

          Made in Japan of relief

          It is Made in Japan of relief.

          Fitting which we can attach

          Top and bottom separation types such as bookshelf, cupboard, shoe cupboard, office shelf, cabinet

          ※Reference Dimensions/upper section shelf: H: D of 110 cm or less: Of 45 cm or less
          Weight: 200 kg or less (when by two pieces use four pieces in total on both sides)

          Attachment means

          Before installation, please wipe off dirt, dust, water, oil content of installation part well.

          1. We tear off half of the detachment papers of connection sheet.
          2. Line direction seen in surface of connection sheet put directions together with connection point to become perpendicular, and please stick on furniture. You tear off left detachment paper, and please stick on other furniture. You strongly push connection sheet to Application side, and please do not contain wrinkle and air.
            ※When we put plural connection sheets, it is effective when we put on both ends of furniture.

          Disassembly method

          Please tear off from corner of connection sheet slowly. When you are hard to tear off, please use commercial tape stripping agent without being going to tear off forcibly.

          Caution in case of disassembly

          As there might be change of color and detachment at the time of disassembly as for the use to sensitive parts such as unvanished wooden paulownia chest and lacquering, varnish coating, please avoid.

          • ※This product is intended to minimize fall by shaking and does not take responsibility for damage and accident caused by earthquakes.


          Dimensions 100mm in height X 96mm in width X thickness 0.17mm
          Color: Transparence (we look slightly milky-white by fiberglass)
          Enter; number Four pieces
          Application temperature -10 degrees Celsius - 50 degrees Celsius
          Service life Eight years (it varies according to terms of use)
          Withstand load 200 kg (at the time of use of four pieces)
          Materials: Polypropylene, fiberglass, rubber system adhesive
          • Specifications may change without a notice, thank you for your understanding.
          • Security wire special feature

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