High durability USB 2.0 memory (SLC) 128MB-A


"High durability USB 2.0 memory" which thought about stable operation demanded in corporation Uses to the first. We secure compatibility by fixing main parts controlling Specifications and are the top model that adopted "SLC" having renewal tolerance of dozens of times of "MLC".

  • EU Rohs order conformity product


Model number /JANCD Features Standard price Remarks
U2-SSBNA1MA 4562313893978
128MB Open price Build-to-order manufacturing
U2-SSBNB1MA 4562313893985
256MB Open price Build-to-order manufacturing
U2-SSBNC1MA 4562313893992
512MB Open price Build-to-order manufacturing
U2-SSBN01GA 4562313894005
1GB Open price Build-to-order manufacturing
U2-SSBN02GA 4562313894012
2GB Open price Build-to-order manufacturing
U2-SSBN04GA 4562313894029
4GB Open price Build-to-order manufacturing
U2-SSBN08GA 4562313894036
8GB Open price Build-to-order manufacturing
U2-SSBN16GA 4562313894043
16GB Open price Build-to-order manufacturing
U2-SSBN32GA 4562313894050
32GB Open price Build-to-order manufacturing
  • As correspondence may be different from normal products such as deadline or price about order industrial goods, in the case of order, please refer for the details.
  • This product is product of Hagiwara Solutions.

Features of product

      High stability and reliability by main parts fixation.
      It is USB memory which we can use with industrial instrument in peace.

      USB memory which is convenient for data passing. It is large-capacity, and/price reduction advances, and, as for the not-and equipped with, TLC becomes mainstream, and it is uneasy, and feeling customers increase in reliability to use with industrial instrument.
      USB memory for industrial instruments of Hagiwara Solutions adopts reliable NAND flash memory "SLC". We secure stable movement and compatibility by fixing Specifications, and it is to product to be able to use in the industrial instrument for a long term in peace.

      It supports USB 2.0

      It is hi-reliability USB 2.0 memory which thought that we have you use for a long term by corporation demand in peace to the first.

      The SLC deployment that has a long renewal life

      It is equipped with NAND flash memory of SLC type that possesses high reliability, and has a long renewal life of data. There is renewal demand for about 200 times from TLC type becoming mainstream in consumer products USB memory and is suitable for log preservation to write in data frequently.

        Data reliability Renewal life

      USB memory for industrial instruments

      Assuming being used in industrial instrument, it is USB memory which was particular about high reliability and compatibility, long-term supply.

      Main parts fixation

      It is USB memory superior in cost performance that fixed only main parts.

      Case of trust that raised strength

      We adopt case which raised machine strength such as bending, twist.

      Full custom-adaptive menu

      We prepare for custom menus such as silk printing such as company logos to case, print, writing of data of management number. Please consult about custom contents which menu does not have.

      • It is hi-reliability USB 2.0 memory which primarily thought about having you use high durability USB memory "U2-S series" for corporations of Hagiwara Solutions for a long term by corporation demand in peace.
      • ●High interchangeability : We do not change parts connected directly with operation/Specifications of USB storage device as far as model number is the same. We promise stable movement and compatibility without problem that movement is different occurring as Specifications is fixed though we purchased the same model number product.
      • ●High renewal tolerance : There is life by the renewal number of times of data in flash memory adopted in USB memory. As This product is more largely than "MLC" equipped with flash memory of "SLC" having a long life by the data renewal number of times type, note of data is suitable for performed environment frequently.
      • ●Extreme expensive case : We adopt case which raised tolerance for bending and twist.
      • ●Full lineup : Memory capacity has lineup of 32GB from 128MB.
      • ※ When main parts are changed, we will guide beforehand on homepages.
      • ※ It comes to support sendobakku if inner at the time of product trouble for term of a guarantee (after the delivery of goods one year). Please note that you do not carry out unless inclination is confirmed about analysis of product.


      Supported devices (1) PC/AT compatibles, PC equipped with central processing units considerably Pentium 100MHz or more, PC (except case that used USB interface expansion board) equipped with USB interface, PC corresponding to mass storage class device
      Supported devices (2) After Windows 2000 SP4, XP SP2(32/64bit)/ SP3(32bit), Vista SP1/2(32/64bit), 7 SP0/1(32/64bit), 8(32/64bit), 8.1(32/64bit), 10(32/64bit), Linux2.6
      Interface: USB 2.0/1.1
      Connector type: USB type A is male
      Capacity 128MB
      Dimensions: 62.1mm in total length X 17.0mm in width X 10.0mm in height
      Weight About 9 g
      Power supply USB Bus powered
      Supply voltage DC5.0V ±5%
      Color: < Black >
      Environmental consideration matter EU RoHS order conformity (10 materials) ※We can issue RoHS certificate
      Available area Japan
      Term of a guarantee One year
      Others * When we use in Windows 2000, device disassembly from task-tray is not possible. When we use in/* Windows Vista, we remove from task-tray and may not handle after the return from sleep.
      • Specifications may change without a notice, thank you for your understanding.
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