USB hub with microSD card reader function

U2H-SMC4B series U2H-SMC4BBK

Card reader function to be able to read image which we stored in smartphone in microSD includes! 3 port USB hubs with slot for microSD.


    Model number /JANCD Features Standard price Remarks
    U2H-SMC4BBK 4953103908574
    < Black > 2,100 yen (tax-excluded)
    2,310 yen (tax-included)
    Under the release

      Features of product

          ●USB hub which was equipped with slot for exclusive use of microSD card

          It is 3 port USB hubs equipped with slot for exclusive use of microSD card saving data of smartphone. By being connected to Universal Serial Bus port of PC, can read and write data of microSD/microSDHC card, and various USB apparatuses such as mouse can be connected as USB hub of 3 ports for PC.

          ●microSD card /microSDHC card comes in without adapter, and it is possible

          microSD card /microSDHC card adopted in much smartphone comes in without adapter, and it is possible. It is available in Bus powered private type which is AC Adapter-free casually.

          ●Cable long 7cm that cable does not interfere even if connected

          Cable does not interfere even if connected at cable long 7cm and is most suitable for use with smartphone and tablet PC.

          ●It is Bus powered private type which is AC Adapter-free.

          It is "model for exclusive use of Bus powered" who is AC Adapter-free who is most suitable for mouse and keyboard, connection of USB memory.


          Weight About 24 g
          Color: < Black >
          Term of a guarantee Six months
          Dimensions: About 28mm in width X about 80mm in depth X about 9mm in height ※excluding cable
          Connector type: The terminal side (Upstream Port): USB(A)male, the USB apparatus side (Downstream Port): USB(A)female X 3+microSD slot X 1
          Interface: USB 2.0 (it is compatible with USB1.1 and, at the time of USB1.1 Interface connection, works)
          The number of the up stream (the PC side) ports 1 port
          Power supply method USB Bus powered
          Feedable electric current 4 ports, up to a total of 400mA
          Operating environment Temperature 0 degrees Celsius - 60 degrees Celsius, humidity 10-85% (thing without dew condensation)
          Maximum transfer speed 480Mbps (USB2.0 High Speed Mode theoretical value), 12Mbps (USB1.1)
          The number of the down stream (the peripheral device side) ports 3 port +microSD 1 ports
          USB cable method The body and built-in cable
          The USB cable head Approximately 7cm ※excluding connector
          Supported devices (the OS: Windows) Windows PC that Windows 7 (... SP1), Vista (... SP2), XP (... SP3) work
          Supported devices (the OS: Mac) Macintosh Series running Mac OS X10.2 or higher

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