7 port USB hubs with individual switch

U2H-TZS720S series U2H-TZS720SBK

We switch on/off connected USB apparatus individually! 7 port USB hubs with individual Switch of Self-powered/Bus powered for two uses type that is warm, and can save electricity.


    Model number /JANCD Features Standard price Remarks
    U2H-TZS720SBK 4953103234635
    < Black > 6,700 yen (tax-excluded)
    7,370 yen (tax-included)
    Under the release

      Features of product

          ● USB hub of Self-powered/Bus powered for two uses equipped with "individual Switch"

          It is USB hub equipped with "individual Switch" which can switch on/off power supply of connected USB apparatus individually.

          Even if USB apparatus does not use, we are just connected to USB hubs, and "wait electric current" is generated. By equipping with "individual Switch" which can switch on/off application of power to connected USB apparatus individually, "USB hub with individual switch" can cut wait electric current for each apparatus diligently. Power saving effect like what by turning off Switch, dismantled USB apparatus is provided and can reduce load to PC.

          USB hub of Self-powered/Bus powered for two uses equipped with "individual Switch"

          ● AC Adapter for Self-powered is attached

          AC Adapter for Self-powered is attached. With Self-powered mode, it can supply stable electricity to big portable HDDs of power consumption. In addition, in Self-powered mode time, even state cut off of PC can supply power supply to connected USB apparatus.

          ● Top port design


          ● Nameplate Sticker is attached

          We adopt Top port design that exclusion and adding is easy and are convenient to apparatus which pulls frequently like USB memory, and puts, and does.
          Top port design
          As Sticker for nameplate is attached, we can easily distinguish USB apparatus which by sticking on each port, is connected. In addition, we equip each port with LED lamp and can confirm on/off of power supply at glance.
          Nameplate Sticker is attached

          ● We are equipped with magnet on the back of the body

          We are equipped with neodymium magnet on the back of the body and can fix the hub body in one-touch on steel side including steel desk.

          ● Cable long 2.0m type

          It is cable long 2.0m type that is convenient for connection to remote place.

          ● Swing connector adoption


          ● Cover cap is attached

          As USB connector connected to the PC side adopts swing connector that lateral direction can turn 180 degrees, we can adjust to direction that wiring is easy to do in total at position of Universal Serial Bus port of PC.
          Cover cap for Universal Serial Bus port protecting port which we do not use from dust and garbage is attached.


          Interface: USB 2.0 (it is compatible with USB1.1 and, at the time of USB1.1 Interface connection, works)
          Connector type: The PC side (Upstream Port): USB(A)male, the USB apparatus side (Downstream Port): USB(A)female X 7
          Supported devices (the OS: Windows) PC/AT compatibles that Windows 8, Windows 7 (... SP1), Vista (... SP2), XP (... SP3), 2000 (... SP4), Me, 98 work
          Supported devices (the OS: Mac) PowerPC machine that Interl Mac machines that MacOS X 10.3-10.6 works, MacOS8.6 - 9.2, MacOS X 10.0-10.5 work
          Maximum transfer speed 480Mbps ※In USB2.0 High Speed Mode ※Theoretical value
          The number of the up stream (the PC side) ports 1 port
          The number of the down stream (the peripheral device side) ports 7 ports
          USB cable method The body and built-in cable
          The USB cable head About 2.0m ※excluding connector
          Power supply method For two uses of Self-powered (use of attached AC adapter) and USB Bus powered
          Feedable electric current Self-powered time: Total 7 ports less than 3,500mA, Bus powered time: Total 7 ports less than 300mA (less than 100mA per 1 port)
          Color: < Black >
          Dimensions: About 36mm in width X about 165mm in depth X about 22mm in height ※Protrusion, cable assembly are excluded
          Weight About 130 g ※We include cable
          Operating environment Temperature 0 degrees Celsius - 60 degrees Celsius, humidity 10-85% (thing without dew condensation)
          Accessories: Cover cap X 7 for Universal Serial Bus port, exclusive AC Adapter X 1
          The electrical equipment security method PSE conformity (AC Adapter)
          Term of a guarantee Six months
          The power cable head (attached AC adapter) About 1.0 m ※excluding connector
          The DC cable head (attached AC adapter) About 1.35m ※excluding connector

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