Wide screen megapixel Web camera for HD


It is usable immediately just to tie. Megapixel Web camera that video chat is begun in correspondence with HD resolution of 720p which is most suitable for wide screen casually.


    Model number /JANCD Features Standard price Remarks
    UCAM-C310FBBK 4953103333901
    3,530 yen (tax-excluded)
    3,883 yen (tax-included)
    Under the release

      Features of product

          Megapixel Web camera which is most suitable for wide screen

          In correspondence with 1,280*720 pixel of HD resolution, it is megapixel Web camera which is most suitable for wide screen.

          Blow connection type usable immediately

          It is blow connection type to be usable immediately just to be connected to PC.

          It has been checked the operation by various chat software and live streaming services

          It has been checked the operation by live streaming services such as various chat software and YouTube live concert in Skype or Skype for Business or Facebook Live, niconico LiVE or Twitch.

          ※It is necessary to use live encoder separately in YouTube live and Twitch.

          It is equipped with high-definition glass lens

          It is equipped with high-definition glass lens and can enjoy clear video and static image.

          Up to 1,280*720 pixel of video supports /30fps

          Video supports up to 1,280*720 pixel of number of the record pixels /30fps and can enjoy wide screen Video of force.

          Shooting, transmission is possible with 4 million pixels of still images

          We photograph 4 million pixels of still images and, as well as video, can transmit.

          Conversation with several is possible, too

          As we put built-in Microphone on camera body, we can plurally talk.

          We adopt the multi-stands

          It can be attached to display of note PC and desktop PC and adopts the multi-stands which are placeable on plane.

          Camera body is available for top and bottom angle adjustment

          Camera body can coordinate angle up and down.

          It is available in "WebCam assistants"

          By installing "WebCam assistant" which we can download free, is available by YouTube contribution function, convenient functions such as simple editing features of video.

          ※It does not support Macintosh.

          Multi-national language Manual attachment

          Multi-national language Manual (English, Chinese [hantai, kantai], Korean, Spanish, Portuguese) is attached.


          Supported devices: Windows PC, Macintosh which were equipped with USB 2.0 Interface
          Supported OS After Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows7, Windows XP, macOS 10.12 Sierra
          Remarks of the correspondence OS ※Update to latest version of each OS and installation of service pack may be necessary. ※Use of on-line service in Windows XP is the outside targeted for support.
          Operating environment CPU: More than Intel (R) Core(TM) i3 1.2GHz and the same class, it is main memory: 1GB or more, it is HDD free space: 1GB or more ※In addition to the above, it is necessary to meet necessary environment of various software to use at the same time.
          Televising element 1/6 type CMOS sensor
          The number of the effective pixels About 1 million pixels
          The number of the colors About 16.77 million colors of (24bit)
          The number of the still image record pixels Up to about 4 million pixels (we cope by software processing)
          The number of the video record pixels Up to 1,280*720 pixel
          Maximum frame rate 30FPS (... 1,280*720 pixel)
          Shooting angle of view Opposite angle 54 degrees
          Lens F-number F2.8
          Focus method Fixed focus
          Shooting distance 30cm - infinity (from the lens tip)
          The stands angle adjustment The vertical direction
          Camera body Interface USB 2.0 (type A male)
          The camera body cable head About 1.5m
          Built-in Microphone method Electret condenser method (monaural)
          Built-in Microphone directivity Adactylous tropism
          Camera body color < Black >
          Camera body Dimensions About 60.0mm in width X 52.3mm in depth X 39.0mm in height ※(excluding cable)
          Camera body Weight About 66 g ※We include cable
          Best Operational Environment Temperature: 5 degrees Celsius - 40 degrees Celsius, humidity: ... 90% RH (but thing without dew condensation)
          Preservation environmental condition Temperature: -10 degrees Celsius - 60 degrees Celsius, humidity: ... 90% RH (but thing without dew condensation)
          Term of a guarantee Six months
          Accessories: User manual, multilingual Manual
          • Specifications may change without a notice, thank you for your understanding.