RecoveryUSB Kitting Tool for corporations


By writing software that can write in data at several "RecoveryUSB" at the same time, it is equipped with device information change function or log preservation function.


    Model number /JANCD Features Standard price Remarks
    UF-RSKN100A 4562313893909
    Open price Build-to-order manufacturing
    • As correspondence may be different from normal products such as deadline or price about order industrial goods, in the case of order, please refer for the details.
    • This product is product of Hagiwara Solutions.

    Features of product

        RecoveryUSB Kitting Tool

        RecoveryUSB Kitting Tool: It is recommended to such customers.

        Customer who wants to shorten writing of data time

        When we write in recovery data at hand of customer, it takes time very much when we carry out write one by one. In addition, history is not left which USB memory you wrote data in. It is this software that loses "trouble" of such customers and is possible.

        Customer who cannot take out data into outside the company

        We write in and, in the case of confidential information that data to write in at USB storage device cannot open in outside the company, cannot accept (payment). In that case, thing is necessary in writing of data in you. Writing of data to USB memory is possible while following confidential information if this software is used.

        It is customer with update of data frequently

        After USB memory shipment, in the case of product with data update, there is case carried out of data update in you frequently. This software can support such a case and does man-hour reduction of customer.

        Note function of recovery data Available
        Change function
        Log preservation function Available
        Simultaneous device practice number Up to eight (four recommendation)
        Corresponding device RecoveryUSB-R/RecoveryUSB-RW
        Note time to 16 products
        Reference level※
        Processing time that six take: 610 seconds
        One area: 38 seconds
        In comparison with RecoveryUSB Writer, note is possible in 1/5 time!
        Price Payment

        ※Use product: RecoveryUSB 32GB x4 stand/environment: Windows7 SP1, Universal Serial Bus port: USB3.0 port, use of USB3.0HUB/note data: At the time of ISO file note of 1GB

        • It is suitable exclusive writing software "RecoveryUSB Kitting Tool" to write in ISO/UDF file at several RecoveryUSB (this software does not have ISO/UDF file-creation function).
        • As plural RecoveryUSB can write ISO/UDF file at the same time, we can largely shorten note time around one.
        • ●As we can write in ISO/UDF file at up to eight (four recommendation) RecoveryUSB at the same time, we reduce productive time and man-hour of customer. Note time per one becomes about 1/5 (reference number in our environment).
        • ●By invalidating function that right data are written in or compare, write in and, after the note of ISO/UDF file, can plan shortening in working hour.
        • ●It can output log of result that wrote in ISO/UDF file in CSV file.
        • ●By validating re-write inhibit setting of data, can prohibit following note and removal (we cannot change setting to be able to make a note again in us).
        • ●Change of Vendor Name/Product Name of RecoveryUSB is possible, too.
        • ●It supports RecoveryUSB-R, both devices of RecoveryUSB-RW.


        Supported devices: PC which was equipped with PC, memory equipped with PC/AT compatibles, PC equipped with central processing units considerably Pentium4 1GHz or more, USB interface (USB3.0/USB2.0) 2GB or more
        Supported OS Only as for Windows 7 SP1, 8.1, 10 (Japanese/English) * administrator rights. We do not correspond to limit user.
        Supported product UF-RRAN08GA, UF-RRAN16GA, UF-RRAN32GA, UF-RWBN08GA, UF-RWBN16GA, UF-RWBN32GA
        • Specifications may change without a notice, thank you for your understanding.
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