Hard band VR goggles (DMM starter set)


It is attached VR goggles for video point 1,000 yen which chooses VR video of various genres of DMM.com, and is seen (DMM starter set). As it is headband of hardware band type which we can attach just to be fogged, you can easily put on, and hairstyle is hard to be confused and there are few feelings of pressure to face and can use comfortably for a long time.


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    VRG-DSB01GE 4549550155656
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      Features of product

          VR goggles of hard type headband

          We can easily put on just to pour over head, and hairstyle is hard to be disturbed and is VR goggles (simply comfortable wearing type) of hardware type headband which there is few, and feeling of pressure to face can use comfortably for a long time.

          ※At the time of the first use, band adjustment is necessary to Dimensions of head.

          The body tilt feature

          Goggles part becomes tilt (splash advance) Specifications and can confirm the neighborhood during the video seeing and hearing.

          Super wide scale spacing adjustment

          It is equipped with super wide scale spacing adjustment mechanism that position that it is easy to see to width of eyes of right and left can regulate. In addition, it carries focus adjustment system which can regulate the focal length finely.

          Band part release button

          We can remove band part from the body if we push band part desorption button, and storing is possible compactly.

          Focus adjustment dial

          Back band length adjustment dial is wearing state, but there is length adjustment in no stage.

          Use of headphones is possible

          From opening of right and left, it is accessible to smartphone by headphones.

          Nonspherical optic lens

          We adopt nonspherical optic lens to be able to enjoy clear Video in big screen.

          Tender cushion

          Feeling of pressure to face decreases band part to be limited in forehead and the back of the head. In addition, cushion of all face cushion, forehead, the back of the head dismantles and is washable.

          Molding mold cushion

          Molding mold cushion Specifications that face cushion is excellent at a feeling of fitting. We are superior in breathability softly.

          Nose cover

          Nose cover shuts out cloud of lens by heat from nose and omission of light.

          Glasses correspondence

          Even state that attached glasses by wide opening design is available.

          ※Less than 145mm in width. We may not use depending on size, shape of glasses.

          Collaboration model with quite popular VR streaming service DMM.com

          It is collaboration model with quite popular VR streaming service DMM.com. It is attached VR goggles (DMM starter set) for DMM video point 1,000 yen.

          Supported smartphones

          It supports smartphone of 4.7-6.5W inch.

          ※6.5W is 6.5 inches, but the length and breadth ratio of screen lets you do a certain thing double or more.

          Recommended VR contents

          We adopt VR application of joint company DMM.com in recommended VR contents.


          • ※Target age is 15 years or older.


          Color: Gray
          Dimensions yakufuku 183 X depth 252 X 142mm in height (representative figure) ※For band part variableness operation
          Weight 344 g
          Materials: The body, headband: PC+ABS, optic lens: Acrylic, cushion: Polyurethane, cloth: Polyester
          Supported devices: 4.7-6.5W inch. ※We may not use by shape within correspondence inchage, the body Dimensions either. ※6.5W is 6.5 inches, but expresses that aspect ratio of screen can support double or more products.
          Correspondence Dimensions About W67 X D6 X H137mm ... about W80 X D12 X H170mm
          Lens Nonspherical optic lens
          Pass; ddobando Hard band type
          Scale spacing adjustment function ○Interlocking movement is variable
          Focus adjustment function ○Independent variableness
          Smartphone attachment means Front panel opening and shutting type
          Glasses correspondence We cope to glasses of about 145mm in width ※We may not use by shape.
          Headphones correspondence ○  
          Accessories: ・DMM video point cord exchange ticket User manual

          The latest correspondence information of this product is this

          • Specifications may change without a notice, thank you for your understanding.