Qi wireless Charge-type in-vehicle holder (compact) for standard


With cigar charger which buys, and is usable immediately. Wireless Charge type vehicle installation holder of compact type that we just catch smartphone corresponding to Qi Charge with the regular certification product of wireless Charge standard "Qi" and can charge by car.


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    W-QC03BK 4549550125222
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      Features of product

          Qi wireless Charge-type in-vehicle holder for standard

          It is Qi wireless Charge type vehicle installation holder which can be charged from car just to sandwich smartphone corresponding to Qi for standard.

          We are based on International Standard "Qi" (tea)

          It is the regular certification product in conformity with International Standard "Qi" (tea) of wireless feeding that WPC (wireless power consortium) devised.

          ※ELECOM is authorized member company of wireless power consortium.

          Wireless Charge at 5W is possible

          2 ports are equipped with Universal Serial Bus port, and cigar charger of maximum output 3A (1 port up to 2.4A) is attached in total, and wireless Charge at 5W is possible by being connected to holder.

          It supports "Charge entrusting you"

          It supports "Charge entrusting you" which Universal Serial Bus port of cigar charger automatically distinguishes interconnect equipment, and can be charged from the most suitable output rapidly.

          It is fixed by strong gel sucker type well

          We can fix to dashboards of car by strong gel sucker type well. If it is shallower wrinkle, we can absorb and fix well.

          ※When adsorption power of sucker weakens, adsorption power is restored by washing in water.

          Setting assistance starting performing before the curtain rises

          There is setting assistance board that wrinkle assists sucker setting to deeper dashboards.

          We can install smartphone of various width

          As hold arm works from side to side, we can install smartphone of various width.

          It is rechargeable with putting case

          If it is case which is with thickness 3mm or less of, it is rechargeable with putting case.

          ※Please remove thickness 3mm or more cases and metal or case which became magnetized and cards before Charge.

          ※Even if it is case which is with thickness 3mm or less of, we may not charge depending on Specifications and condition.

          We adopt ball joint

          We adopt ball joint which we can angle adjusted at will and can adjust smartphone to angle that it is easy to see.

          We change to favorite angle and are possible

          As ball joint scalpel parts are attachable in both top and bottom directions, we change to favorite angle in total and are possible.

          We can remove smartphone in one-touch

          Arm opens by pushing button and can remove smartphone in one-touch.

          We use rubber material

          We use rubber material which is hard to hurt main unit for smartphone setting part.

          Alcohol pad attachment

          At the time of setting of holder, convenient alcohol pad is attached to wipe off dirt.

          Center location of coil

          Connection diagram

          In-vehicle setting method/usage


          Supported devices: Apparatus that it is about 52mm - 102mm in width, thickness about 15mm or less in correspondence with Qi standard wireless Charge at 5W and is about 200 g in weight or less
          Input: Up to 5V/2A
          Output: Up to 5W
          Input terminal USB micro-B female (Qi pad part)
          The body Dimensions Qi pad part: About W72mm X about D42mm X about H94mm vehicle installation holder part: About W64mm X about D78mm X about H52mm (by development method)
          The body weight About 148 g (the total of Qi pad + vehicle installation holder)
          Use temperature span 0 degrees Celsius - 40 degrees Celsius (thing without dew condensation)
          Storage temperature range -20 degrees Celsius - 60 degrees Celsius (thing without dew condensation)
          The certification standard Qi
          LED emission color Electricity: Blue three seconds lighting/wait: Out of lights out/Charge: Red lighting/Charge completion: Blue lighting/error: Red blue blinking ※Color of LED may not change at the time of Charge completion depending on model.
          This color of the body < Black >
          Holder Specifications With gel sucker pasting up one-touch fixed ball joint angle adjusted
          Cable Specifications USB A - USB microB cable
          Cable length About 150cm
          Cable color < Black >
          Accessories: Cigar charger X 1 setting assistance board X 1 alcohol pad X 1 cable X 1
          Battery charger, Connector type (the apparatus side) USB Type-A 2 port
          Battery charger, rated input power Voltage DC12V/24V
          Battery charger, rated output Voltage 5V
          Battery charger, rated output electric current Total up to 3A (each port up to 2.4A)
          Battery charger, color < Black >
          Battery charger, Dimensions About W30mm X about D61mm X about H30mm
          Battery charger, Weight About 21 g
          Term of a guarantee One year
          Guarantee prediction areas Japan

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