Wi-Fi 5(11ac) 867+400Mbps e-Mesh router


IoT apparatuses such as Smart speakers are easy to be connected more and become hard to be able to finish stopping by! It is repeater for exclusive use of e-Mesh with WPS button ※e-Mesh router one piece of article model who ties this, and builds mesh Network. ※ Sold separately


    Model number /JANCD Features Standard price Remarks
    WMC-M1267GST2-W 4549550131261
    Wi-Fi 5(11ac) 867+400Mbps e-Mesh router 10,260 yen (tax-excluded)
    11,286 yen (tax-included)
    Under the release

      Features of product

      The construction us's original mesh technology "e-Mesh" automatic in comfortable, safe mesh Network deployment

      Wi-Fi area of house increases! Mesh router of ELECOM

      In e-Mesh router "WMC-DLGST2-W" of ELECOM, cordless handset links main phone and expands Wi-Fi area! Electric wave of Wi-Fi is recommended to such you who became weak after we move into large house where Wi-Fi is hard to lead to from router in far-off room!

      ※About Specifications of This product, please confirm the lower this page Specifications.
      ※As Audio appears, please be careful about volume.

      • It becomes stable everywhere in the house and communicates if we put exclusive repeater in place having weak Wi-Fi electric wave!
      • By us's original mesh technology "e-Mesh" deployment, we build comfortable, safe Network automatically
      • Wi-Fi electric wave arrives well in 3-story /4LDK!

      We choose product to environment of the use

      Indication of comfortable Wi-Fi environment
      Layout 2-story/3LDK 3-story/4LDK

      Only as for e-Mesh router


      Connection number: 16

      Repeater for exclusive use of e-Mesh router + e-Mesh


      Connection number: 30

      ※As for number of floors, layout, the connection number, it is indication that can build environment that is available for the video seeing and hearing (50Mbps) comfortably in each room, and, as for the connection recommendation number of relay for exclusive use of e-Mesh connected to e-Mesh router of one assuming this, it is to two.

      Wi-Fi setting simple at the time of exclusive repeater addition with WPS button pushing

      • When we add repeater for exclusive use of e-Mesh, we push WPS button!

      Repeater one piece of article model for exclusive use of e-Mesh

      When we add repeater for exclusive use of e-Mesh, we set Wi-Fi with WPS button!

      ※ e-Mesh-adaptive router (Sold separately) of our original design is necessary to have you use repeater for exclusive use of e-Mesh.

      We push each other's WPS buttons

      The Trend Micro Smart in-home network function deployment to protect interconnect equipment from threat

      By co-operation with Trend Micro Corporation of the industry leader class, we add to vicious website block function and by blocking defense for attack to aim at weakness newly and connection to C&C server, prevent information leakage via C&C server.

      In addition, Network household appliances which not only apparatuses such as smartphone or PC but also security software cannot install come by security measure because they can protect all the apparatuses connected to This product.

      ※This function works only with router mode. It becomes effective in initial value. In addition, it is not thing which guarantees malicious attack absolute effect. Please use after checking "permission to use Trend Micro book".
      ※It becomes service until date when we announced for up to five years. But it may not be over the end of December, 2026.

      It supports comfortable communication new service IPv6 (IPoE) on the high-speed Internet

      FLET'S light, light collaboration IPv6 (IPoE) correspondence

      In the conventional Internet Connection method (PPPoE), the Internet became unstable by congestion of line, and speed might become slow. We come to be able to enjoy the Internet comfortably by passing another Network without congestion using two techniques of "IPv6 (IPoE)" and "IPv4 over IPv6" by next-generation method. As this product supports this technique, the high-speed Internet communication using "IPv6" is available.

      ※It supports MAP-E, DS-Lite method.
      ※It does not support IPv6 PPPoE.

      [revised edition] Communication comfortable in IPv6 (IPoE)-adaptive router of ELECOM!

      Now up-and-coming IPv6 new service. When net does not become slow, is it true? How does it come to be usable? Let's enjoy comfortable net life in corresponding router of ELECOM! ※Product which came up became latest.

      ※About Specifications of This product, please confirm the lower this page Specifications.
      ※As Audio appears, please be careful about volume.

      About IPv6 service, please see this in detail.

      IPv6 IPoE + IPv4 over IPv6 service operation check finished

      It has been checked the operation by high speed Internet service using the following IPv6.
      We can enjoy the comfortable Internet in This product if you can apply to correspondence provider.

      The correspondence situation
      transix IPv4 connection OCN
      Virtual connect
      v6 Plus IPv6 option
      DS-Lite Fixed IP NEW

      (after Ver.1.11)
      • ※ Application method varies according to each service provider.
      • ※ "transix" is registered trademark of the Internet multi-feeding company.
      • ※ "v6 Plus" is registered trademark of Japanese nettowakuineibura.
      • ※ It is names such as services that NTT communications offers to Internet-access service providers as IPoE connection company (VNE), and "OCN virtual connect" is trademark of the company.

      Fresh start of setting is equipped with the non-pivot automatic line change function "ALS" at the time of transfer to IPv6 IPoE line

      When we switched over from contract of PPPoE method to contract of IPv6 IPoE method, fresh start of setting is unnecessary, and service of IPv6 IPoE method is available. To use IPv6 service to continue working by PPPoE method when set by PPPoE method in general router once after having shifted to IPv6 service; setting change by manual operation initialized, and setting fresh start was necessary.

      As line identification function acts on This product automatically in timing when conversion to IPv6 service was completed by ALS (Auto Line Switching), we can use new service without trouble to change setting of router.

      The DX ANTENNA supervision high power built-in antenna deployment

      We adopt major antenna maker and antenna which we designed jointly.
      We realized effective communication for all directions by 2.4GHz, 5GHz placing independent antenna in most suitable position, accuracy each. Can install easily without minding place and direction; is designed.

      ※ It is Image diagram, and this illustration is different from real product. Housing color of This product is white.

      High-speed processing dual-core CPU is equipped with plural data at the same time!

      We realize high-speed process in 2 cores

      We reduce outbreak awaiting processing by performing internal processing in two cores at the same time and realize higher-speed communication.

      As for the Wi-Fi router of ELECOM, this is great! (dual-core CPU) [GS series]

      We introduce "dual-core CPU" equipped with by wireless LAN router of ELECOM. As two core performs plural processes at the same time, communication speed improves

      ※About Specifications of This product, please confirm the lower this page Specifications.
      ※As Audio appears, please be careful about volume.

      Evasion band steering automatically carries congestion band

      When we connect Wi-Fi apparatuses such as smartphone or tablet to This product, This product distinguishes the congestion situation of electric wave and it is automatic and guides to vacant band. We dissolve congestion of communication and can communicate comfortably.

      ※This function becomes effective after shipment.

      Stable communication beam forming Z high-speed in iPhone, smartphone

      "Beam forming Z" where radio wave leads to

      It is available comfortably at place where electric wave was hard to reach so far including place away from Wi-Fi and place with many obstacles. We send electric wave to place that goes, and is hard to be crowded of electric wave well.
      We can anticipate enough speed up in not only iPhone but also conventional smartphone by original tuning.

      ※It is necessary for the connected smartphone side to cope with beam forming.

      "Beam forming Z" where radio wave leads to

      Special feature: Beam forming Z

      iPhone/smartphone corresponding to beam forming Z arrives by stable communication well to “ distance! "“ Wi-Fi speedup! "

      It supports iPhone/smartphone! Beam forming Z! Plural beams raise electric wave strength to far-off terminal!

      Even use plurally supports fast MU-MIMO at the same time

      Up to two and concurrent communication, processing are possible

      If the terminal side supports MU-MIMO by the MU-MIMO function deployment that can send separate data to plural terminals, up to two and concurrent communication, processing are possible.

      ※It is necessary for the connected smartphone side to cope with MU-MIMO.

      All port Giga correspondence to make the most of giga light

      It supports giga communication

      Speed such as optical lines (giga service) that speedup advances is utilized to the full by video distribution

      Communication super-high-speed by hardware NAT

      We suppress packet L.A. and realize high-speed throughput by performing communication processing with hardware in comparison with communication processing by software. As Wireless is available with maintaining high speed communication such as optical lines, it is most suitable for Wi-Fi connection such as smartphone. Throughput that was about 200-300Mbps in before is available for large speedup of a maximum of 940Mbps.

      ※This function works at the time of connection in IPv4. We cannot set on IPv6 connection.

      We further shorten initial setting procedure! It is usable immediately! Simple setup 4

      We distinguish used line automatically when we connect LAN cable to INTERNET port of This product. We become able to use the Internet immediately.

      ※Initial setting screen may be displayed depending on line of the use. According to instructions of screen, setting is the end if we input contract information with provider.

      We can complete Wi-Fi connection just to read QR cord that iPhone after iOS11 was listed in brief setup seat attached in the case of the use by standard camera application.

      ※Similar setting is possible by some application in Android.
      ※Different value is listed in SSID, encrypting key, password, MAC address, serial number for each one.

      Setting moves without trouble easily, and even replacement by purchase functions

      When we move easily and use function, This product can copy Wireless setting of used router. It is begun to use smoothly without setting one interconnect equipment again after having bought a new.

      Child net timer 3 which protects child from long-time Internet usage

      We can restrict connection of Mobile game console and smartphone connecting with the Internet by Wi-Fi. We can use in combination setting in schedule to allow you to use in timer setting to limit time that we can take advantage of per day and fixed time.

      ※This function works only with router mode.

      It is functioned by Wi-Fi in customers hospitality "friend Wi-Fi™"

      We can easily offer Wi-Fi for exclusive use of customer including friend and relative if we use "friend Wi-Fi™" (guest SSID) function.

      Setting just turns on Wi-Fi from Web browser, too. Besides, privacy can provide Wi-Fi in spite of being defense safely well as it is separated from Wi-Fi for you by security.

      Indication URL redirects homepage of shop by "friend Wi-Fi™" connection and functions

      When we are connected to "friend Wi-Fi™", we come by Web browser indication in initial page that we set. When we offer Free Wi-Fi in shop, by setting initial page at the time of Internet connection on "homepage of shop" or "recommended product page today", can emphasize shop.

      ※We display only when terminal to connect reads site beginning in "http" by Web browser.

      We update update automatic firmware in the latest firmware and always function

      We are reliable by automatic update

      We automatically update in the latest firmware.

      You can use router by the always latest program including addition and bug correction of new feature.

      The change operation mode change over Switch deployment simple with slide switch

      As well as router mode, we can use in access point mode. We can easily change change of mode in back Switch.

      Length holder, width holder, wall hangings correspondence that it is easy to install in various places in house

      It supports length holder, width holder, three kinds of setting methods of wall hangings. Setting that is flexible depending on TV and the situation of living including gap and wall surface of TV stand is possible.

      ※ Except setting side, please do not put thing to 5cm, less than 5cm before and after right and left on This product.
      ※ You do not sandwich This product between wall and the shelves, and please install in good place of ventilation.
      ※ Main unit is full of heat and may cause trouble and fire by overheat.

      The LED shading panel deployment not to be worried about blinking of lamp at midnight

      By the deployment of shading panel, we were not worried about blinking of night LED lamp. We show only POWER lamp to understand whether you work at first sight, and it is in shape to cover remaining lamp.

      ※It is Image diagram, and this illustration is different from real product. Housing color of This product is white.

      In addition, we list initial value of setting information in shading panel and can confirm immediately if we remove panel at the time of Wi-Fi connection.

      ※Different value is listed in SSID, encrypting key, password, MAC address, serial number for each one.


      Wi-Fi 5(11ac) 867+400Mbps e-Mesh router (WMC-M1267GST2-W)

      IoT apparatuses such as Smart speakers are easy to be connected more and become hard to be able to finish stopping by! It is repeater for exclusive use of e-Mesh with WPS button ※e-Mesh router one piece of article model who ties this, and builds mesh Network. ※ Sold separately

      The correspondence OS (Windows) Windows 10S/10/8.1/7 (after SP1)
      The correspondence OS (Mac) macOS Mojave 10.14/macOS High Sierra 10.13/macOS Sierra 10.12/OS X El Capitan 10.11/OS X Yosemite 10.10/OS X Mavericks 10.9/OS X Mountain Lion 10.8
      The correspondence OS (iOS) iOS after 10.0
      The correspondence OS (Android) Android after 4.4
      The setup tool-adaptive OS For browser base, there is no OS dependence
      Supported Devices (wireless LAN) Apparatus mounted with iPhone series, iPad series, Android terminal, various game consoles (3DS/DS series, PSP series, PS Vita series, PS3/4, Wii/Wii U, Nintendo Switch, Xbox360), various wireless LAN
      Wired standard IEEE802.3ab (1000BASE-T)/IEEE802.3u (100BASE-TX)/IEEE 802 .3 (10BASE-T) conformity
      Wired connector WAN : RJ-45 type 8 pole X 1 port, LAN : RJ-45 type 8 pole X 4 port ※All port Auto MDI/MDI-X, Auto-Negotiation correspondence
      Cable transmission speed (WAN) 1,000Mbps/100Mbps/10Mbps
      Cable transmission speed (LAN) 1,000Mbps/100Mbps/10Mbps
      Wired setting (WAN) Automatic judgment/DHCP/fixation IP address/PPPoE (1 session)
      Wired setting (LAN) DHCP server/fixation IP address
      Hardware NAT Correspondence
      Wireless standard IEEE 802.11ac/IEEE802.11n/IEEE 802.11a/IEEE 802.11b/IEEE 802.11 g conformity
      Radio transmission system IEEE802.11ac: MIMO-OFDM/IEEE802.11n: .11 g of MIMO-OFDM/IEEE 802: OFDM/IEEE802.11b: DS-SS/IEEE802.11a: OFDM
      Wireless line speed (theoretical value) IEEE802.11ac: Up to 867Mbps/IEEE802.11n: .11 g of up to 400Mbps/IEEE 802: Up to 54Mbps/IEEE802.11b: Up to 11Mbps/IEEE802.11a: Up to 54Mbps
      Frequency Range: 2.4GHz band: 2,400-2,484MHz, 5.2GHz zone (W52): 5,150-5,250MHz, 5.3GHz zone (W53): 5,250-5,350MHz, 5.6GHz zone (W56): 5,470-5,725MHz
      Channel 2.4GHz band: 1 - 13ch, 5GHz zone (W52/W53/W56): 36/40/44/48/52/56/60/64/100/104/108/112/116/120/124/128/132/136/140ch
      Wireless security WPA2-PSK(AES)/WPA-PSK(TKIP)/WEP(64bit/128bit)
      Child net timer Child net timer 3 correspondence
      Beam forming function Beam forming Z correspondence
      MU-MIMO function Correspondence
      Multi-SSID Correspondence (2.4GHz: up to three/5GHz: to up to two, most big plan five)
      Separator function Privacy separator/SSID separator correspondence (it functions "only for friend Wi-Fi")
      Other Wireless functions Automatic channel setting
      Setting method WPS 2.0 correspondence
      Access method Infrastructure
      Connection number 16 recommendation
      Equipment mode Router mode/access point mode
      Antenna (the number) Four built-in antennas (2.4GHz band: transmission and reception two/5GHz Zone: two transmission and reception)
      Correspondence protocol TCP/IP (IPv6/IPv4)
      Correspondence IPv6 IPoE service v6 Plus/IPv6 option/OCN virtual connect/transix
      Universal Serial Bus port None
      Automatic FW update Correspondence
      Incidental service The Trend Micro Corporation Smart Home Network function deployment (up to five years)
      Other functions /IPv6 pass-through-adaptive/access control-response/VPN pass-through-adaptive (PPTP, L2TP/IPsec)/DMZ correspondence for UPnP
      Input Voltage AC100 - 240V ±10% 50/60 Hz
      Power consumption 8.4W (maximum)
      Power supply connector DC Jack
      Dimensions (fuku X D X H) (W)About 141.0* (D) about 36.5* (H) about 160.mm (only as for the body)
      Weight : About 310 g (only as for the body)
      Housing materials (color) Plastic (white)
      Operating environment Temperature: 0 degrees Celsius - 40 degrees Celsius, humidity: 10% - 85% (but thing without dew condensation)
      Various acquisition standards VCCI Class B/TELEC/JATE/PSE
      Term of a guarantee One year
      Accessories: One body, stands one, exclusive AC adapter one, LAN cable (about 1m) one, two screws, various Manual for wall hangings, brief setup seat one piece, Trend Micro licensing book one piece

      ※The latest correspondence information of this product is this.

      ※ Specifications may change without a notice, thank you for your understanding.

      Each part name

      • ① WPS lamp
      • ② 2.4GHz lamp
      • ③ 5GHz lamp
      • ④ POWER lamp
      • ⑤ Operation mode change over Switch
      • ⑥ WPS button
      • ⑦ RESET button
      • ⑧ LAN port/LAN lamp 1-4
      • ⑨ INTERNET port/INTERNET lamp
      • ⑩ DC IN (power jack)
      • ⑪ The stands arming department (the back side)
      • ⑫ The stands arming department (base)
      • ⑬ Stand / Holder

      Supported OS

      • ※Mac OS X is limited to use in plane mounted with CPU made by Intel.
      • ※The correspondence OS is limited all to Japanese OS. It is necessary for PC to carry one of the OS's mentioned above.
      • ※The latest correspondence situation, please identify correspondence table page.

      Supported devices:

      • iPhone series
      • Android terminal
      • iPad series
      • Android terminal
      • Windows terminal
      • Windows-based machine
      • Mac OS-based machine
      Game apparatus
      • Nintendo Switch
      • 3DS/DS series
      • PSP series
      • PS3/4
      • Wii/Wii U
      • Xbox360
      • Canon
      • EPSON
      • HP
      • BROTHER
      Smart speaker
      • Google/Google home
      • LINE/Clova WAVE
      • ※Version of the OS, please identify the product page "correspondence OS".
      • ※The latest correspondence situation, please identify correspondence table page.