11ac 867+300Mbps wireless LAN gigabit router


We can set anyone immediately without using CD-ROM and application! It supports giga communication, and Internet TV can reproduce smoothly, too. Wireless LAN router which communication is available for comfortably even if four families use plural terminals at the same time each.


    Model number /JANCD Features Standard price Remarks
    WRC-1167GHBK-S 4953103294066
    11ac 867+300Mbps wireless LAN gigabit router 7,690 yen (tax-excluded)
    8,459 yen (tax-included)
    Under the release

      Features of product

      Niceness considerable as for new generation super-high-speed wireless 4KTV and the Internet delivery video!

      ※It is maximum in 1 theory and is not thing indicating real Wireless speed.

      ※We assume the use within 3 terminals per 2 one.

      We can set anyone immediately without using CD-ROM and application! In smartphone and PC "simple setup 2"

      We have access to automatic Wi-Fi in WPS

      We can easily set in smartphone and PC simple substance from the WEB browser top without setting up installation and CD-ROM drive of application.
      We push WPS button of connected to terminal followed by connection method between router, terminal adopts WPS setting of industry-wide standard that we just push WPS button on the router side and can connect.

      Digital cross connecting is possible from WEB browser of smartphone and PC, too

      When we set by manual operation, we choose applicable SSID and can be connected just to input encrypting key.
      We input Wireless setting information of mention into bundled "brief setup seat" (initial value). We perform setting from the browser top. For consistent setting method not to choose type of terminal, anyone is simple setting possibility immediately.

      As manager password to manage setting of router can set customer on browser after the connection between router, terminal freely, security side is reliable, too. We do not have to worry to lose because password lists in Sticker bundled with and can keep.

      The high sensitive built-in antenna (2 X 2) deployment that electric wave is hard to break off

      The high sensitive built-in antenna (2 X 2) deployment

      It is higher-speed and realizes stable wireless communication by having adopted two independent high sensitive built-in antennas.

      It is high speed communication with 4 X 4 Smart antenna

      Conventionally, realization (※) new generation standard "11ac" adopts 280% of super-high-speed communication in comparison with standard

      New generation standard "11ac" which realizes giga Wi-Fi

      By new generation standard 11ac corresponding to 5GHz communication with high versatility, is strong for electric wave interference in PC of the use, in before in comparison with standard is realization by ultraspeed communication of approximately 280%. ※The speed is a value of standard, and the actual speed depends on the environment.

      It is connected in various ways because it is dual band

      High speed Wi-Fi communication that is comfortable by dual band correspondence of Wireless LAN11n/g/b standard of 2.4GHz band with high versatility and 11ac/n/a standard of 5GHz Zone resisting electric wave interference is available.

      All port giga (1,000Mbps) correspondence to make the most of giga optical line

      It supports giga communication

      Speed such as optical lines (giga service) that speedup advances is utilized to the full by video distribution

      It is super-high-speed by the realization hardware NAT deployment at industry fastest 940Mbps

      It is connected in various ways because it is dual band

      We suppress packet L.A. and realize high-speed throughput by performing communication processing with hardware in comparison with communication processing by software. As Wireless is available with maintaining high speed communication such as optical lines, it is most suitable for Wi-Fi connection such as smartphone. Throughput that was about 200-300Mbps in before is available for large speedup of a maximum of 940Mbps.

      Rich function usable usefully full of functions not to be only router function, and to be usable

      It is usable with Wireless cordless handset mode

      By changing This product to cordless handset mode, can make Network apparatus having wired LAN port Wireless.

      It is usable with repeater mode

      Place where by changing This product to repeater mode, electric wave of Wi-Fi is hard to reach can use the Internet comfortably.

      Stable communication beam forming Z high-speed in iPhone, smartphone

      "Beam forming Z" where radio wave leads to

      It is available comfortably at place where electric wave was hard to reach so far including place away from Wi-Fi and place with many obstacles. We send electric wave to place that goes, and is hard to be crowded of electric wave well.
      We can anticipate enough speed up in not only iPhone but also conventional smartphone by original tuning.
      ※It is necessary for the connected smartphone side to cope with beam forming.

      As for the Wi-Fi router of ELECOM, this is great! (beam forming Z)

      We introduce "beam forming Z" equipped with by wireless LAN router of ELECOM. As we make radio wave in place that we aimed at, communication speed with far-off smartphone improves

      ※About Specifications of This product, please confirm the lower this page Specifications.
      ※As Audio appears, please be careful about volume.

      Special feature: Beam forming Z

      iPhone/smartphone corresponding to beam forming Z arrives by stable communication well to “ distance! "“ Wi-Fi speedup! "

      It supports iPhone/smartphone! Beam forming Z! Plural beams raise electric wave strength to far-off terminal!

      The last child net timer is largely improvement of function! Child net timer 2

      Child net timer 2

      It is equipped with "child net timer 2" which can restrict connect time of Mobile game console and smartphone connecting with the Internet by Wi-Fi function. We protect child from long-time game and Internet.
      It is necessary to purchase license on the use by "WEB site filter function" separately.

      Child net timer

      ※It is with router mode, and this function is available.

      We update update automatic firmware in the latest firmware and always function

      We are reliable by automatic update

      We automatically update in the latest firmware.

      You can use router by the always latest program including addition and bug correction of new feature.

      The multi-SSID function deployment to be usable with various apparatuses with keeping high security

      We can set plural SSID

      It is function that can set plural SSID in one wireless LAN access point. We connect with various apparatuses with keeping high security.



      □Wireless LAN part
      Wireless LAN standard IEEE802.11ac conformity
      IEEE802.11n conformity
      IEEE802.11a conformity
      IEEE802.11b conformity
      IEEE 802 .11 g conformity
      Frequency Range: 2.4GHz band: 2,400-2,484MHz
      5.2GHz zone (W52): 5,150-5,250MHz
      5.3GHz zone (W53): 5,250-5,350MHz
      5.6GHz zone (W56): 5,470-5,725MHz
      Channel 2.4GHz band: 1 - 13ch
      5GHz zone (W52/W53/W56):
      Basic transmission scheme IEEE802.11ac: MIMO-OFDM
      IEEE802.11n: MIMO-OFDM
      .11 g of IEEE 802: OFDM
      IEEE802.11b: DS-SS
      IEEE802.11a: OFDM
      Line speed (theoretical value) IEEE802.11ac: Up to 867Mbps
      IEEE802.11n: Up to 300Mbps
      .11 g of IEEE 802: Up to 54Mbps
      IEEE802.11b: Up to 11Mbps
      IEEE802.11a: Up to 54Mbps
      Antenna Four built-in antennas
      ・2.4GHz band: Two transmission and reception
      ・5GHz zone: Two transmission and reception
      Security WPA2-PSK(AES)
      Access method Infrastructure
      Multi-SSID Correspondence (2.4GHz: up to three/5GHz: to up to three, most big plan six)
      Setting method WPS
      Separator function Privacy separator/SSID separator correspondence (it functions for guest SSID)
      Other Wireless functions SSID stealth bomber setting/MAC address filtering/automatic channel setting

      ※W52, outdoor use of W53 are prohibited by Wireless Telegraphy Act.

      □Wired LAN part
      Wired LAN standard IEEE802.3ab(1000BASE-T) conformity
      IEEE802.3u (100BASE-TX) conformity
      IEEE 802 .3 (10BASE-T) conformity
      Terminal RJ-45 type 8 pole x 4 port
      Auto MDI/MDI-X Correspondence
      Automatic negotiation Correspondence
      Wired LAN standard IEEE802.3ab(1000BASE-T) conformity
      IEEE802.3u (100BASE-TX) conformity
      IEEE 802 .3 (10BASE-T) conformity
      Terminal RJ-45 type 8 pole x 1 port
      Auto MDI/MDI-X Correspondence
      Automatic negotiation Correspondence
      Hardware NAT Correspondence
      □Router part
      Equipment mode Router mode
      Access point mode
      Repeater mode
      Cordless handset mode
      The use protocol TCP/IP (IPv6/IPv4)
      WAN setting DHCP/fixation IP address/PPPoE (1 session)
      LAN setting DHCP server/fixation IP address
      Other functions /IPv6 pass-through-adaptive/VPN pass-through-adaptive/DMZ correspondence for UPnP
      □Other Specifications
      Power supply connector DC Jack
      Input Voltage AC100 - 240V ±10% 50/60 Hz
      Power saving function LED electric power saving
      Power consumption About 6.9W
      Operating environment Temperature: 0 degrees Celsius - 40 degrees Celsius humidity: 10% - 85% (but thing without dew condensation)
      Dimensions (fuku X D X H) (W)About 130.0* (D) about 26.0* (H) about 182.5mm (only as for the body)
      Weight : About 230 g (only as for the body)
      Various acquisition standards VCCI Class B/TELEC/PSE
      Term of a guarantee One year
      Incidental service The website filter function deployment (option sold separately)
      Accessories: One wireless LAN router body, stands one, exclusive AC adapter one, LAN cable (about 1m) one, various Manual, simple setup seat one piece, guidance one piece of Web site filter license

      Supported OS

      • ※Mac OS X is limited to use in plane mounted with CPU made by Intel.
      • ※We cope after Windows Vista SP1.
      • ※The correspondence OS is limited all to Japanese OS. It is necessary for PC to carry one of the OS's mentioned above.
      • ※The latest correspondence situation, please identify correspondence table page.

      Supported devices:

      • iPhone series
      • Android terminal
      • iPad series
      • Android terminal
      • Windows terminal
      • Windows-based machine
      • Mac OS-based machine
      Game apparatus
      • Nintendo Switch
      • 3DS/DS series
      • PSP series
      • PS3/4
      • Wii/Wii U
      • Xbox360
      • Canon
      • EPSON
      • HP
      • BROTHER
      Smart speaker
      • Google/Google home
      • LINE/Clova WAVE
      • ※Version of the OS, please identify the product page "correspondence OS".
      • ※The latest correspondence situation, please identify correspondence table page.