ZEROSHOCK case for Ultrabook


We shock well and take in even if thin! Inner case "ZEROSHOCK case for Ultrabook" to wrap up in slim while protecting mobile PCs such as Ultrabook from shock.


    Model number /JANCD Features Standard price Remarks
    ZSB-IBUB03BK 4953103796577
    < Black > 2,390 yen (tax-excluded)
    2,629 yen (tax-included)
    Under the release

      Features of product

          ● Inner bag for exclusive use of Ultrabook of "ZEROSHOCK" superior in shock power of absorption at light weight

          It is inner bag for exclusive use of Ultrabook (11.6 inches of wide) which adopted low-elasticity polyether foam of new structure superior in shock absorption performance. "Ultrabook" is thin, lightweight notebook PC advocated by Intel Corporation. We have high performance and function although being thinner than conventional notebook PC and stand up speedily, and even battery has Features to be available for a long time. Furthermore, we assume refined design concept, and Smart can carry anywhere.
          We reduced volume and realized lightweighting while This product adopting low-elasticity Polyurethane (low-elasticity wave form) which gave wave-formed irregularities, and keeping thickness to absorb shock from the outside well. We protect Ultrabook from shock and external pressure well and can carry if we use This product in combination with your bag.

          We adopt low-elasticity Polyurethane (low-elasticity wave form) which gave wave-formed irregularities

          ● Velvet-like material which is hard to be able to be damaged by the contents is used case inward

          In the case inside, we use velvet-like material which is hard to be able to be damaged in the Ultrabook body which we stored.

          ● We are superior in water repellency in case surface and use high-quality cloth

          We are superior in water repellency and use high-quality cloth for the case surface and protect Ultrabook from various troubles that it is thought by the everyday use as well as shock.

          ● Double fastener which it is easy to put in and out


          ● With Front pocket which we can store accessories in

          As storing part of the Ultrabook body becomes double fastener Specifications of full opening, we can perform putting in and out of Ultrabook smoothly.  
          AC Adapter is equipped with Front pocket which we can store various accessories in and comes to be able to store thing necessary to use Ultrabook in a mass.

          ● Two kinds of color variations

          Color prepared two colors of standard Black and white.

          ZSB-IBUB03BK <Black>

          < Black >
          ZSB-IBUB03WH <white>

          < White >


          The main material type Cloth (PVC)
          The number of the air chambers 1 air chamber
          Dimensions: fuku 346 X thickness 28 X 243mm in height ※We do not include protrusion
          Internal Dimensions 320mm in width X thickness 25mm X 215mm in height
          Department in PC storing size fuku 320 X thickness 25 X 215mm in height ※Supported devices (reference only): The one for 11.6inch wide LCD screen Ultrabook  ※The list of supported devices should be used as reference only. We may not store special PC and storage case in the state that we acquired. Please identify storing dimensions of our product as Dimensions of PC of errand before buying.
          Pocket (front area): Fastener pocket x1
          Surface finish Water-repellent function
          Color: < Black >
          Materials: Dress material: PVC, lining: Polyester, heart: Low-elasticity urethane
          Weight : About 205 g

          The latest correspondence information of this product is this

          • Specifications may change without a notice, thank you for your understanding.