ELECOM product guidance

Brand name

3WAY tote bag

Model number (JAN code) BM-BT01 series



10,736 yen (tax-included)

We adopt flexible flat pocket of Newly developed which can expand and contract to size of things! 3WAY tote bag to hang, and to hang, and to be able to carry on the back.

Product introduction

  • We put together in the scene and are 3WAY tote bag which 3 patterns of "we hang and hang and carry on our back" can use properly.
  • In the front part of bag and base, we adopt coating cloth resisting wound and dirt.
  • We can store baggage for about 19 liters.
  • We keep flat at the time of non-storing and, in the bag inside, adopt flexible flat pocket which can expand and contract to size of things.
  • Accessory pocket which we can easily open and close with loop fastener is on. We can store steering wheel at the time of use of rucksack.
  • Fastener pocket which we mediate petty people such as key or earphone and can store is on.
  • It has vertical difference side pocket which can deposit and withdraw bulky quality such as long wallets immediately with having on the shoulder.
  • Extension Mesh pocket which can hold plastic bottle or folding umbrella in the side is on.
  • Rucksack belt which we can use as rucksack by carrying on the back is on. It is packable in the bag back in mint condition.
  • Fastener preventing invasion of rain and dust to the bag inside in main storing mouth is on. ※We do not completely prevent invasion of rain and dust.


Bag typeThoth type
Carrying around type3WAY (handbag + shawl + rucksack)
The number of the air chambers1 air chamber
Dimensions:fuku 410 X depth 160 X 315mm in height (we do not include Toride, Shoulder strap.)
Department in PC storing sizefuku 265 X depth 40 X 385mm in height
Pocket (front area):Fastener pocket X 2, accessory case pocket X 1
Pocket (the air chamber)PC pocket X 1, tablet pocket X 1, gadget pocket X 1, penholder grip X 3
Color:< Black >
Materials:Materials: Polyester
Weight :About 720 g