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Brand name

Portable power charger with USB Type-C cable

Model number (JAN code) DE-C09L-3200 series



4,059 yen (tax-included)

With Type-C cable which can charge smartphone mounted with USB Type-C connector immediately. Portable power charger of compact type that meets technical standard of the electrical equipment security method (PSE), and is convenient for carrying around.

Product introduction

  • USB Type-C cable is attached and is portable power charger which can charge smartphone mounted with USB Type-C connector immediately.
  • It is compact type that is light, and is convenient for carrying around.
  • It is the high output type of maximum output 2.1A.
  • We can charge about one time of smartphone in This product (battery capacity 3200mAh). ※Using This product which did Charge, it is the eyes cheap number of times when battery capacity charges smartphone of about 1800mAh. It is switched on in Charge and may not charge to number of mention when we use apparatus.
  • The portable power charger body can be recharged by attached Charge cable. It is fast charging model who can largely shorten about two hours and charge time. ※At the time of use of AC Adapter output 1.8A or more.
  • In addition, using cable for attached Charge, we can charge smartphone equipped with USB Type-C connector.
  • By using attachment or Lightning cable which supported to iPhone, iPhone is rechargeable, too.
  • High efficiency IC which we put on Universal Serial Bus port automatically distinguishes interconnect equipment and it is fastest and copes with "Charge to leave" which we can charge by the most suitable output.
  • Battery residual quantity can be confirmed by four phases of LED lamp lighting.
  • It is equipped with Charge-type lithium-ion battery which about 500 times of repetition is available for.
  • Built-in Charge-type lithium ion battery is safety design in conformity with JIS C8711 and JIS C8714.
  • It is hyperCharge, hyperelectric discharge, overvoltage, overcurrent prevention function, circuitry of relief with short circuit protection function, temperature detection protection.
  • It is safe product which adapted to technical standard of the electrical equipment security method of Japan (PSE).
  • ※It is charged around 70% at the time of factory shipment. As Charge-type lithium ion battery discharges electricity with time, we recommend what we charge before using.
  • ※When we are placing cable, residual quantities of battery decrease. When you do not use, please take off cable by all means.


Supported devices:Smartphone which is charged from iPhone and USB terminal
Connector type (the power supply input side)USB Type-C female
Rated input power VoltageDC5V/1.8A
Connector type (the power outlet side)USB-A female
Rated output VoltageDC5V
Rated output electric current2.1A
Battery typeRechargeable lithium-ion battery:
Rated Battery Capacity:3200mAh
Charge timeAt the time of use of AC battery charger of about two hours 1.8A
Dimensions:W24 X D24 X H101mm
Cable lengthUSB A -Type-C (we include about 1.0m/SR)
WeightAbout 72 g
Color:< Black >
Repeated usage count500 times
Accessories:USB cable (USB A -Type-C)
LED indication◯ (we turn off the light after the Charge)
Environmental consideration matterUse temperature: 0-40 degrees Celsius
Term of a guaranteeSix months
OthersWhen you use at iOS terminal, please prepare cable for iOS separately