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Bluetooth stereo headset

Model number (JAN code) LBT-HPS03PC series



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Bluetooth stereo headset to be able to enjoy music with stereo if we connect the removable right ear earphone

Product introduction

  • It is stereo headset which music hearing can play with stereo by attaching the putting on and taking off-type right ear earphone. It is most suitable for response to receipt in the middle listening to music. Of course it is available as headset of one ear.
  • We adopt earphone shape in consideration for a feeling of wearing and realize comfortable reckoning feeling even for a long time. Furthermore, Ear hook of 3D fitting structure that can attach to stability is attached.
  • For Continuous conversation time seven hours, it is equipped with large-capacity battery available for a long time of consecutive music reproduction six hours. We can hold down power consumption when we do not use as we can switch on/off power supply with slide switch.
  • Cope with multi-point; with two smartphone, cell-phones can be connected. We play music in one smartphone, and *ju kenoyona how to use telephone is already possible in one, too.
  • As well as mobile phone and smartphone, connection to PC is possible. If it is connection with iPhone, battery residual quantity indication of headset to iPhone screen is possible.
  • Connector for Charge is microUSB type same as smartphone. We can charge by usually connecting Charge cable for smartphone of errand.
  • It is attached in Easy connection guide which can easily set the first Bluetooth headset in errand in peace.
  • It supports simple BT setting application for Android smartphone. We just follow guide and can easily perform pairing. We can download application from Google play. ※It does not support smartphone after Android6.0.


Communication method:Bluetooth standard norm version4.1
Output:Bluetooth power class2
Maximum Communication RangeProspect about 10m
Use frequency band2.4GHz band
Modulation techniqueFHSS (frequency hopping spectrum diffusion)
Correspondence Bluetooth profileA2DP,AVRCP,HFP,HSP
Correspondence codec of A2DPSBC
Correspondence contents protection of A2DPSCMS-T method
Transmission band (A2DP)20-20,000Hz (at the time of 44.1kHz sampling)
Maximum registration possibility numberEight
Multi-point (we wait at the same time)Correspondence
ModelDynamic type
Output sound pressure level95dB/1mW
Driver unit :Full-range speaker Φ 8mm
Reproduction frequency band (A2DP)20Hz - 20kHz
Continuous Play Time greatest timeAbout six hours
Continuous conversation time greatest timeAbout seven hours
renzoku*juitodaijikanUp to about 120 time
Power supply5V (USB feeding)
Built-in batteryLithium polymer Charge pond
Charge timeAbout two hours
Microphone modelElectret condenser type
Microphone directional characteristicOmnidirectional
Microphone sensitivity-42dB(1V/pa, at 1kHz)
Microphone effective frequency band100Hz - 3,000Hz
Input terminalUSB micro-B X 1 (earphone connection terminal combined use for/right for Charge)
Best Operational Environment (temperature)5 degrees Celsius - 35 degrees Celsius
Best Operational Environment (Relative Humidity)20% - 80% (but thing without dew condensation)
Storage environmental condition (temperature)-10 degrees Celsius - 50 degrees Celsius
Storage environmental condition (Relative Humidity)20% - 80% (but thing without dew condensation)
Dimensions (fuku X D X H)17.8*12.8*51.6mm ((protrusion) ※ cable length to remove: about 45cm
Weight :About 10 g
The body color< Black >
Term of a guaranteeOne year
Laws and ordinances correspondenceTELEC/JATE
Accessories:USB charger cable, Ear pieces (M finishes the body wearing S,M,L for each one), earphone, Ear hook, Manual (guarantee memo), Easy connection guide for the right ear
The green purchase methodInapplicable
RoHS orderNon-compliant