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USB display adapter

Model number (JAN code)



10,450 yen (tax-included)

It is display adapter of type to connect to USB 2.0 port. We can easily build multi-display environment. As it supports high definition, high-resolution indication of up to 2,048*1,152 dot is possible.

Product introduction

  • It is display adapter of type to connect to USB 2.0 High-Speed port. We can be connected to PC with one cable and can easily build "multi-display" environment. It supports "Aero" of Windows Vista.
  • It supports wide OS. In correspondence with Windows 2000, XP (32bit size), Windows Vista32/64bit version and Mac OS X (only as for after 10.4.11, Intel Mac), it is going to support Windows7 again.
  • As it is attached, even analog input display can use "DVI-VGA conversion adapu". In the case of digital connection, indication of high-quality image with a little signal deterioration is extremely possible. Even model who is not equipped with digital output can perform clear indication.
  • We can use "multi-display" and two modes of "mirroring" and we change depending on Uses and can use. (change starts tool from task-tray and performs.)
  • Screen of display which we added turns by "90 degrees" and can display. With LCD monitor of type that screen turns, we do screen lengthwise and can use and are very convenient for making of document. (turn starts tool from task-tray and performs.)
  • We connect This product to one PC to "six" and can use at the same time. For each This product, we can set multi-display or mirroring.
  • As we support wide resolution, in correspondence with display to "wide LCD monitor", connection with "high vision TV" equipped with PC input of analog RGB "projector" is possible.
  • As "it supports USB Bus powered", it can be operated by power supply supplied from PC. It is convenient for carrying around and does not choose use place.


Supported devices:Display with DVI-I/D interface or display/projector (at the time of use of attached conversion adapter) corresponding to analog RGB input
Supported PCsWindows PC,Apple Mac (plane mounted with Intel CPU)
Supported OSWindows10 32/64 bit version, Windows 8.1 32/64 bit version, Windows 7 32/64 bit version, Windows Vista 32/64 bit version, Windows XP Home Edition/Professional Service Pack after two, Mac OS X after 10.4.11 (only as for the model mounted with Intel CPU)
InterfaceUSB 2.0 High-Speed
Resolution to support2048 X 11521920 X 1200 (WUXGA)1920 X 1080 (FullHD)1680 X 1050 (WSXGA+)1600 X 1200 (UXGA)1440 X 900 (WXGA+)1400 X 1050 (SXGA+)1280 X 1024 (SXGA)1280 X 960 (Quad-VGA)
Resolution to support1280 X 768 (WXGA)1280 X 720 (HDTV 720p)1024 X 768 (XGA)800 X 600 (SVGA)640 X 480 (VGA)
Foreground color16.77 million colors
Connector type:USB 2.0 (Mini-B) X 1 for PC connection, DVI-I X 1 for monitor connection
Setting directionStability
Cooling fanUnavailable
Housing materials (color)< Black >
Input VoltageDC +5V (we supply from Universal Serial Bus port)
Power consumption2.5W (maximum rating)
Dimensions (fuku X D X H)50.7*88.6*18.5mm (except protrusion)
Weight :55 g (only as for the body)
Term of a guaranteeOne year
Compliant standard:VCCI ClassB
Accessories:USB 2.0 cable (about 1.0m for PC connection, one), DVI-VGA Converter adapter one driver (CD-ROM) one piece Manual one set