ELECOM product guidance

Brand name

MHL Converter Cable

Model number (JAN code) MPA-MHLHDBK series



3,410 yen (tax-included)

We can use while charging smartphone! MHL Converter Cable to connect TV or monitor equipped with smartphone corresponding to MHL and HDMI terminal, and to be able to enjoy Video of smartphone in big screen.

Product introduction

  • We connect TV or monitor having interface of smartphone and HDMI (TypeA) with interface of USB (microB type) in correspondence with MHL and are MHL cable to be able to enjoy Video and Audio.
  • Feeding from PC and AC Adapter to microB port of This product is necessary.
  • We can enjoy Video and Audio of smartphone in big screen of TV and display.
  • It supports Video of up to 1080p. ※The resolution depends on the capability of the connected device.
  • As we can charge smartphone by connecting cable, we can enjoy Video and Audio without minding consumption of battery.
  • We adopt Gold plated pin which strongly suppresses signal degradation for rust.
  • We adopt double shielded cable protecting signal from interference of external noise.
  • ※It is confirmed that there is smartphone which cannot work in combination with This product. The purchase, please identify WEB-adaptive table beforehand.


Color:< Black >
Supported devices:The USB micro-B male side/MHL compatible smartphone
Connector type:USB microB male - HDMI TypeA male/USB microB female
Correspondence resolutionUp to 1080p
Cable length1.0m
Shield methodDouble Shield
Plug plating SpecificationsGold plated pin