ELECOM product guidance

Brand name

Keyboard cover

Model number (JAN code) PKU-FREE series



1,980 yen (tax-included)

It supports keyboard of what kind of Key Caps! It is seat SUPER" keyboard cover, "of typing Free cut which is just stuck suddenly

Product introduction

  • We adopt material seat superior in elasticity softly.
  • High-performance material which had both software feelings that high-strength characteristic and silicone gum which Polyurethane elastomer had had.
  • There are not natural key touch, interference to the next key without sense of incongruity even from seat softly as elasticity is good.
  • The feel, the back side where the surface was silky are pita in keyboard by the self-adhesiveness!  
  • The surface with irregularities such as wrinkles may lose its adhesive strength. ※In that case, please fix using commercial tape.
  • It is Free cut type for all shapes of keyboard. You cut in desired Dimensions, and please use. ※As squares enter detachment paper, cutting is easy, too.
  • It is available in final controlling element such as telephone, FAX, register, electronic calculator, remote control.
  • We prevent invasion of dust and water and prevent trouble.
  • As we give antibacterially processing, we suppress change of color and degradation by propagation of various germs (Escherichia coli, yellow grape ball bacteria). ※It is based on JIS Z 2801.
  • As we have high light stability to clear 78-hour light-resistant promotion test, we suppress xanthosis by sunlight (ultraviolet rays). ※We are equivalent to quantity of one-year sunlight in 20 hours. Other conditions about xanthosis are not added.
  • Chlorine compound causing dioxin generating at the time of destruction by fire is not contained.


DimensionsW525mm X D250mm, (thickness) 0.15mm
Materials:Silicone denaturation Thermoplastic polyurethane elastomer
Antibacterially process
Environmental consideration matter■Chlorine compound causing dioxin generating at the time of destruction by fire is not contained. ■Environmental endocrine disrupter material (Ministry of the Environment-designated 2,000/11) is not contained.