ELECOM product guidance

Brand name

Keyboard cover (for netbook /UMPC)

Model number (JAN code) PKU-FREE series



1,100 yen (tax-included)

It supports keyboard of what kind of Key Caps! It is seat SUPER" keyboard cover, "of typing Free cut which is just stuck suddenly

Product introduction

  • Let alone dust, it is seat SUPER (for small notebook PC) "keyboard cover" to protect keyboard from unexpected accidents such as drinks suddenly.
  • We use material which has Polyurethane elastomer which is strong, and is superior in resilience and self-adsorption characteristics, and had soft silicone gum, both characteristics.
  • By the feel that the surface was silky, we realize comfortable key touch that there is not of sense of incongruity even from seat softly as elasticity is good and may not interfere the next key.
  • As the back side is self-adsorption type, just put on keyboard without using tape; fu keramasu. We can fix edge of cover well when we use attached double-stick tape, and more comfortable typing is possible.
  • The surface with irregularities such as wrinkles may lose its adhesive strength. ※When there is hard to be, please use attached double-stick tape.
  • It is Free cut type for all shapes of keyboard. You cut in desired Dimensions, and please use. ※As squares enter detachment paper, cutting is easy, too.
  • As squares enter detachment paper, we can easily cut.
  • As well as keyboard, it is available in final controlling element such as telephone, electronic calculator, remote control. ※In the case of use, please fix to remote control with tape.
  • As we give antibacterially processing, we suppress change of color and degradation by propagation of various germs (Escherichia coli, yellow grape ball bacteria). ※It is based on JIS Z 2801.
  • As we have high light stability to clear 78-hour light-resistant promotion test, we suppress xanthosis by sunlight (ultraviolet rays). ※We are equivalent to quantity of one-year sunlight in 20 hours. Other conditions about xanthosis are not added.
  • Chlorine compound causing dioxin generating at the time of destruction by fire is not contained.


Supported devices:Final controlling element keyboard, telephone, electronic calculator, remote control to 270mm in width X 210mm in depth
Dimensions270mm in width X 210mm in depth X thickness 0.15mm
Materials:Silicone denaturation Thermoplastic polyurethane elastomer
Antibacterially process
Accessories:Double-stick tape X 4