ELECOM product guidance

Brand name

(Anti-microbial), dust proofing printer cover

Model number (JAN code)



1,628 yen (tax-included)

Made in Japan of relief! We protect printer from dirt and dust in antibacterially processing with antistatic processing. Printer cover using eco-friendly EVA material.

Product introduction

  • It is printer cover using EVA material which is eco-friendly in Made in Japan of relief.
  • We prevent electrostatic outbreak and give antistatic processing to reduce adhesion of dust.
  • We suppress change of color and degradation by propagation of various germs and give keep Cover clean, antibacterially processing.
  • We are superior in cold resistance, weatherability, and form break and hardening are not caused for summer or winter temperature change either.
  • Be superior to *chakukyodo of the joint and adopt high frequency welder processing that is superior in the durability.


The outside size350mm in width X 228mm in depth X 180mm in height
Reference Storage Dimension:It is mm less than 337mm in width X less than 220mm in depth X H 178 or more
Color:White (semitransparency)
Antibacterially process
Surface finishSurface finish: Emboss