ELECOM product guidance

Brand name

Tap for EU RoHs order conformity dual structure construction

Model number (JAN code) T-WRM34RS series



2,860 yen (tax-included)

Tap for construction of four mouths which made EU RoHS order conformity (10 materials), and adopted dual structure case which resisted heat. We realize high stability in consideration for environment. It is most suitable for mass introduction as the one for article for construction.

Product introduction

  • It is tap for construction of four Exit which adopted dual structure case resisting heat.
  • It is eco-friendly product which had conformity (10 materials) in "RoHS order" (sets a limit to use of specific harmful object for electricity, electronic equipment) of EU.
  • We can reduce garbage, and, in consideration for environment, unpacking work is smooth simple package Specifications, too.
  • We can fix in strong magnet of the back side well on steel side.
  • We can lock plug by turning outlet and prevent unexpected omission omission.
  • As outlet is heat-resistant and is dual structure using superior urea resin, it is most suitable for construction using high current.
  • The insulation chief is assigned to the origin of blade of plug and is useful for prevention of fire by tracking phenomenon.
  • As we adopt cord which adapted duplex cover blows to in Japan wiring system industry bylaws of a society case (JWDS0010) to power supply cord, it is effective for prevention of electric shock, fire by tear which disconnection and cover blow to.
  • There is electricity indication LED lamp that it is revealed whether you turn on electricity by glance.
  • We establish hole to temporarily fix to be able to temporarily fix with screw and hook.
  • Plug Specifications is four Exit type which are convenient with 3 pins type.


The body outlet shape3 pins
The body outlet numberFour mouths
Plug Specifications3 pin straight plugs
3 pins → 2 pin Converter adapter attachmentX
Cord length:1.0m
Rating15A, 125V, 1,500W
Thunder guardX
Dust shutterX
Plug with the insulation cap
Outlet cap is attachedX
Electricity indicator lamp
We blow on double cover
Retaining function
Swing plugX
Hook for wall hangings
Materials:The body: ABS, plug tray part: Urea resin
Dimensions:215.0mm in width X 43.5mm in depth X 26.0mm in height
Weight :330 g
Environmental consideration matterEU RoHS order conformity (10 materials), environmental consideration package
Available areaAs This product assumes power supply in Japan and is designed, it is not available out of Japan.