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Brand name

ZEROSHOCK case for Ultrabook

Model number (JAN code) ZSB-IBUB03 series



2,629 yen (tax-included)

We shock well and take in even if thin! Inner case "ZEROSHOCK case for Ultrabook" to wrap up in slim while protecting mobile PCs such as Ultrabook from shock.

Product introduction

  • Inner case excellent at shock power of absorption corresponding to mobile PCs such as Ultrabook to 11.6 inches of wide Dimensions is "ZEROSHOCK case for Ultrabook".
  • Low-elasticity Polyurethane (low-elasticity wave form) of wave shape absorbs shock effectively.
  • We reduce volume and realize lightweighting while keeping thickness to absorb shock from the outside well.
  • We use velvet-like material which is hard to be able to be damaged by the contents in the case inside.
  • Opening and shutting is smooth and adopts double fastener which is easy to put mobile PCs such as Ultrabook in and out.
  • We are superior in water repellency in case surface and use high-quality cloth.
  • There is Front pocket which various accessories can hold.


The main material typeCloth (PVC)
The number of the air chambers1 air chamber
Dimensions:fuku 346 X thickness 28 X 243mm in height ※We do not include protrusion
Internal Dimensions320mm in width X thickness 25mm X 215mm in height
Department in PC storing sizefuku 320 X thickness 25 X 215mm in height ※Supported devices (reference only): The one for 11.6inch wide LCD screen Ultrabook  ※The list of supported devices should be used as reference only. We may not store special PC and storage case in the state that we acquired. Please identify storing dimensions of our product as Dimensions of PC of errand before buying.
Pocket (front area):Fastener pocket x1
Surface finishWater-repellent function
Color:< Black >
Materials:Dress material: PVC, lining: Polyester, heart: Low-elasticity urethane
Weight :About 205 g