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About being able to do it by easy print

Can data which we made with easy print 2.0 shift to easy print 3.0?

Yes. Data which product saved in easy print 2.0 just open in easy print 3.0, and editing can print.

Can you read file which you made with other software?

We limit file which is available by easy print to file which we made in easy print 2.0 or 3.0 and the gripes of CSV file.

We cannot read following files and information.
・File which we stored in "Microsoft Word"
・File which we stored by "Adobe Illustrator" "Adobe Photoshop"
・File which we stored in "ready writing"
・File which we stored in "brush gurume"
・File which we stored with "label mighty"
・Information of image and figure which we formed in Microsoft Office

What kind of picture file can you read?

We can insert image of Jpeg format, png format.

Does print to label side of CD and DVD disk support?

I'm sorry, but we do not cope by easy print.
Please try other software.

Can even other extension save data which they made?

We can save in Portable Document Format.
Have print screen open, and button "printing" is on the right; when click "opening sentence button, PDF file" can save in Portable Document Format.

About the use start of easy print

We do not do installation well.

■Actions to be taken 1: Please install easy print 3.0 again once after having uninstalled software.
■Actions to be taken 2: Please reboot PC
■Actions to be taken 3: You have you confirm hard disk capacity, and when there is little capacity, you delete unnecessary file, and please try.
■Actions to be taken 4: We invalidate virus measures software temporarily and open file. Please validate virus measures software as before as soon as work with file is over.

For more details, please see installation error actions to be taken of Manual.
In addition, please use that place as there is WEB browser version to be usable without installation when we can never install.

Model number of paper which we purchased is not found.

Please update paper information.
After errand starts downloading version, please click "data update" in the upper part of paper search screen button.
As the latest information is always displayed as for the WEB browser version, there is not need such as downloading.
Look at this in total. Manual < Paper search screen

What is downloading version different from WEB browser version in? Which way should we use?

Features for WEB browser
・It is available without installing in PC
・Paper and material do not need downloading in the latest state anytime
・In the case of little number of sheets and simple design, it is recommended

Features for downloading
・We install in PC and use
・The Internet environment is available once at place that there is not if we install
・When we perform, print with insertion that we want to design slowly and carefully, it is recommended

Data which we saved do not open out

Is suffix of data correct? Extension which we can edit by easy print. It is rp3.

We cannot open even if we click file which we stored.

Sorry for your inconvenience, but please hold data which you saved because "you open file" after having started easy print 3.0.

About editing operation

Please tell plural aspects way to copy and paste design at a time.

Copy & paste of label is possible with layout screen.
Look at this in total. Please see copy, development, deletion of Manual <label.

New material is not added.

Errand clicks "image" - "image material" of edit display or "image material for exclusive use of model number" button after the start with downloading version and opens image material window.
We are updated in the latest information when we click as there is "update of material" button in the image material window lower left.
As the latest information is always displayed as for the Web browser version, there is not need such as update.

Look at this in total. We update Manual <material information

It is for Web browser of easy print 3.0 and does not find data preservation place that we made.

File retention may vary in preservation place and preservation movement for each browser.
At first, please confirm downloading folder and desktop screen.

※We recommend installation of supporting software which becomes easy to choose data preservation point.
You become able to appoint preservation place each time, and function such as delivering paper information in case of print to printer driver is added when we install supporting software. We recommend installation.

For more information, look here.
Manual < Until Windows downloading - installation start
Manual < Until MacOS downloading - installation start

※Even if supporting software does not install, you can use easy print 3.0.

When we appointed destination, but lose the place
You cut any model number open with easy print 3.0, and please push preservation button.
Afterwards, window choosing preservation place starts.
Please try whether file you are looking for is stored as destination is listed in the upper part of window on this occasion.

Template is not displayed.

When we edit type page, optional template has model number without preparation from material tab.
You deliver mainly on business card paper and cannot use template with paper without template now.

Character that we input has hidden when we put image.

We can replace order when we have you click the "order" of object operation bars button.

When image is beyond capacitor range, it becomes.

When there are too many image and objects inserting, it becomes capacity over and software becomes hard to move and may not print well.
For actions to be taken
・When we take in image from PC, we avoid check of "high-resolution check box" in the lower part of edit display. When we insert image, we regulate capacity small and can insert when we take off.
・Please reduce object and image score.

Can once edit plural model numbers?

Yes, we can do it.
In easy print 3.0, there is tab bar in the upper part of layout screen/edit display.
We can open new making or file additionally when we click unused tab bar.
Once can make plural model numbers at the same time if we use this function and can edit postcards at the right side and the wrong side same time.

Can you insert image and file by drag & drop?

We do not cope with drag & drop operation. When there is file which we want to read
Please read from "reading from PC" "editing" in software - "image" -.

About print with insertion

Can you easily place consecutive numbers on plural labels?

We can easily place consecutive numbers by print with insertion function.
You have you prepare for CSV data (list data), and please make from "plug" of easy print 3.0.

Look at this in total. Method of detailed Manual <print with insertion

What kind of data is CSV to use for print with insertion?
In addition, how can you make CSV data?

CSV file is file of format divided with comma.
We can make by spreadsheets such as Excel.
When you save by Excel, "you name and choose preservation", and please choose CSV (Comma Separated Value) in file type.

※We can download sample of CSV file.
Window exits when we open "plug" of easy print 3.0 screen. Please click the "sample file acquisition" in the window button.

Look at this in total. Manual < Method of print with insertion

At the time of print with insertion, we cannot read CSV file well.

When following letters and information are included in CSV file, read-in may not be possible.
・"" (comma) "%" is file included in cell
・File which we set accounts, currency, format of exponent notation (4E+) on the date and time, and cell is included in on date
・File which pivot table is included in
・File which blank is included in in the first line (line of entry)
・File which cell referring to another book is included in
Please confirm whether these information is not included.

After having performed the gripes, only contents with much information protrude.

After carrying out the gripes, we return to original edit display, and correction is possible individually. We start a new line and change Dimensions, and let's revise letter.
In addition, it is convenient as we least have runover before performing the gripes when we make one piece of beginning using many data of text length and pour data.

About print

Design deviates from model of paper when we print. Can you adjust?

Point called printing position adjustment is in the left side banner of print screen. Adjustment is possible by millimeters unit.
For example, please fill out the top with -2mm when you want to move in 2mm, bottom on the top when you want to move print result 2mm on the top.
Similarly, it becomes -2mm to the left at the time of 2mm right to the left at the time of left.

Still when slip off; ...
・Please confirm setting on the printer side in print.
Please set paper size, page setup, printmode after checking in there being mention of setting recommended to package of products.
・Of the lower print screen in "PDF click opening sentence", and convert data which made into PDF, and please print on PC from PDF file which saved.

※Please save data which you edited by easy print by all means.

Look at this in total. Setting of Manual <print

When I protrude from frame of paper on purpose and want to print, what should I do? (coating help print)

When you design in edit display, you protrude to the outside of frame, and please design.
Next in left upper optional window of print screen please let check enter to "print to the outside of frame".
We protrude to the outside of frame, and print is possible.

※One type (type without drawing frame) such as photograph paper and postcard paper cannot use this function. When you lose frame of relationships such as photograph paper and want to print, in property of printer, please set edgeless print.
※When there is not page margins, like ten types of business card paper, you cannot use this function between frame and frames.

When I want to print only some label pieces, among label 1 sheets, what should I do?

After having poured check into designated label in print label aspect of the upper print screen left banner,
We can cancel print designation for each label when we click illustration of the upper label.
What is painted Green with is in a print-designated state. It is in a condition not to print when we click and become white.

We use browser version in Safari, but there is no button to print on print screen.

We do not cope with printing in Safari for browser.
Sorry for your inconvenience, but [you begin to write in PDF] you click button and you convert into PDF file and save, and please perform printing from software for exclusive use of PDF such as Adobe Acrobat Reader DC.

About old software, easy print 2.0

Till when is easy print 2.0 usable?

We finish service in the end of September, 2020.
As support or material, model number addition are finished in the end of September, 2020, too,
We recommend shift to easy print 3.0.
(we announced with the end at first in June, 2020, but will extend service until the end of September, 2020.)

Look at this in total. Former; about easy print

Can data which we made with easy print 2.0 shift to easy print 3.0?

Yes. Data which product saved in easy print 2.0 just open in easy print 3.0, and editing can print.

Look at this in total. Former; about easy print

You open data which you made with easy print 3.0 in easy print 2.0, and can you edit?

We cannot edit data which we made in 3.0/to open in 2.0.


There is not template of calendar of the next year.

Template of calendar of the next year plans update every year in from September to October.