It is link for it to travel the page.

2. Pre-no preparations to take their ease

Until Windows downloading - installation start

It is necessary to download two kinds of software, and to install to use downloading version.

The body software We can download from top page.
Supporting software We download from downloading page for exclusive use of supporting software.
We come to be able to operate next when we install supporting software.
・In the case of print, we send information such as paper size appropriately and can reduce item to reset by printer driver.
・In the case of preservation of editing file, we can appoint preservation folder.
※As for the downloading method of supporting software, please see this.

※As for the downloading method in macOS, please see this.

Downloading of the body software

1: From top page downloading page
We display.
2: [downloading for Windows PC is edition] This
We click.
3 Icon which was downloaded
We double-click.
4 [installation] We click this.
5 "User account Control" screen is displayed
Case clicks [, yes,].
6 If installation is completed,
[OK] We click this.
7 Application of "easy print 3.0"
It starts.