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1. Pre-ha simple 3STEP taking its ease

no 3STEP to print to edit which chooses paper

We are comprised in no 3STEP to print to edit which "easy print 3.0" greatly separates, and chooses paper. How to use is very easy.

It is for downloading for PC
We download software. You install after download was completed, and please start.
Web version for PC
Please start Web version.
We choose STEP1 paper
It is opening screen of easy print 3.0. [new making] We move to paper choice screen when we click this. We can choose papar which we click model number search and category button and want to produce.
We edit STEP2
Layout screen corresponding to each paper opens when we decide paper. We can perform copy and deletion of label with layout screen. We locate letter and image in edit display and can edit contents of label freely.
We print STEP3
If design to print is decided, we click print button.
As screen of the finish image appears, please make countdown here. We click [print] and, without problem, are completion.