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3. Explanation of screen

Layout screen

We set layout of paper.

1 tab bar We perform changes of type and paper of screen.
Tab bar››
2 copy & paste [copy] We copy label contents choosing. [paste] We stick label contents which we copied.
3 We stick label choosing in a mass [one line of length] We stick label contents choosing on one line of length. [one line of side] We stick label contents choosing on one line of side. [the whole paper] We stick label contents choosing on the whole.
We delete 4 labels [choice label] We delete label choosing. [all labels] We delete all labels of paper.
Additional & deletion on page 5 [page addition] We add page newly. New page,
We are added behind current page.
[page deletion] We delete displayed page now.
One 6 button which goes ahead/one to return We return to work before one when we click returning button.
We push forward work that returned in one point when we click advancing button.
7 lei out area We click label which we want to edit and choose.
It is label which thin green label is choosing.
8 preservation buttons We store file which we edited.
9 print buttons We move to print setting window.
10 [we edit in this label and start] We move to edit display of label which we chose.
11 indication direction buttons We change direction of paper.
12 capacity buttons We display capacity of RAM which editing data making use now. When warning to thin out images with print screen (deletes) is displayed, we work while confirming capacity with this button.
13 pages of choice buttons When we edit plural pages, we move to anteroposterior page.
14 Dimensions indication/zoom buttons We come by expansion, reduction by indication of labelling editing paper/.
Current Dimensions is displayed under the zoom button.
Dimensions indication/zoom button››

Tab bar

1 screen choice tab We change layout screen, edit display, plug screen.
2 editing change tabs We can edit plural paper at the same time. Editing paper is changed when we choose tab. New paper choice screen is displayed when we click unused tab.
3 Version information button We display version information of easy print 3.0.
4 help buttons We open help site of easy print 3.0 by browser.
5 paper change buttons We return to paper search screen and can change to another paper from paper editing now. We cannot succeed editing information depending on paper to change.
6 Close button We finish software of easy print 3.0.

Dimensions indication/zoom button

1 zoom bar We can change screen display Dimensions by slide of bar.
2 Dimensions indication We display Dimensions of canvas. ▲We click/▼ and can change screen display Dimensions.