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7. Preservation, print, PDF

Setting of print

We open print screen

1.[edit display] click print button of/[layout screen].

2. We set print and click [print].

※As we do not cope with printing in Safari for browser, as for the button to print, there are none.
You click button [you begin to write in PDF] and you convert into PDF file and save, and please perform printing from software for exclusive use of PDF such as Adobe Acrobat Reader DC.

Setting of print

1 print image Image when we printed is displayed.
2 print label aspects We print all labels or can select whether you print only label which you appointed. When we appoint label, we click upper thumbnail.
3 Designation of print page When there are plural pages, we print all pages or print page that we appointed or can choose whether you appoint range, and you print.
4 printing We can appoint whether you print several copies.
5 printing position adjustment When as a result of having printed, printing position slips off, we can adjust printing position.
※When you send to the top, please appoint like -2mm when you lower by 2mm below.

Option of print

Print of 1 label frame line It is convenient when we check when we print experimentally.
Frame line of label is printed and becomes easy to confirm gap of printing position.
We exclude check with public performance print.
Print of 2 paper patterns It is convenient when we check when we print experimentally. Pattern printed out beforehand by products is printed and becomes easy to confirm gap of printing position. We exclude check with public performance print.
(in the case of paper without pattern, we cannot choose.)
3 We print to the outside of frame
(coating help print)
We can choose whether you print to the outside of print frame of label and card.
(we cannot choose depending on paper.)
4 flip horizontal We can choose whether you reverse right and left, and you print.
In the case of product that flip horizontal including craze for iron transcription sheet is necessary,
We check.
We confirm setting in 5 print We can confirm setting contents before starting printing.

3. DIALOG about test print appears. We confirm and click [OK].

4. We perform print display setup.

5. As printer setting window of the use is displayed, we set Dimensions and print quality and print.

About print setting

When we print from easy print, setting of paper is necessary for each printer.
Print Please perform page setup with page setup screen of printer which is displayed after having clicked this.
(setting method varies according to printer. You see Manual of printer of errand, or please refer to printer manufacturer for the details of setting method.)

Firefox toward the errand

We recommend installation of supporting software to make it easy to use preservation and print function.
We come to be able to operate next when we install supporting software.
・In the case of print, we send information such as paper size appropriately and can reduce item to reset by printer driver.
・In the case of preservation of editing file, we can appoint preservation folder.

We save with PDF file

We click [we begin to write in PDF] by procedure 3 to save with PDF file creation not print to printer. When gap occurs when we directly print from easy print, you save PDF file, and please try print from software for exclusive use of PDF file.
(we recommend the use of Adobe Acrobat Reader DC.)

When Dimensions of editing file is too big

Use a lot of high-resolution photographs for label information that made, and on PC of errand other software at the same time
In some environment using, it may be in a condition not to be able to speak print processing by easy print.
(screen: non-)
When such a warning sentence is displayed, we return to edit display and delete image to capacity that application recommends,
Please try print again. Example of this page is 30. Current file size is 300.6MB whereas 7MB is preferred size and exceeds capacity.

We can confirm capacity of current file when we click capacity button.
Please try deletes of file while comparing with recommended capacity in print.
If it reaches recommended capacity, please print again.