It is link for it to travel the page.

2. Pre-no preparations to take their ease

Until downloading - installation of supporting software

With supporting software

We come to be able to operate next when we install supporting software.
・In the case of print, we send information such as paper size appropriately and can reduce item to reset by printer driver.
・In the case of preservation of editing file, we can appoint preservation folder.

We recommend installation on using easy print 3.0 as print and preservation smoothen very much.

Downloading of supporting software

※Procedure and storage folder of downloading vary according to browsers.

1:Downloading of supporting software begins when we click the download button mentioned above.


2:Icon which was downloaded
We double-click.

3"User account Control" screen is displayed
Case clicks [, yes,].

4[to next] We click this.

5[installation] We click this.

6Installation was completed, [completion]
We click.

※Link to downloading screen of supporting software is displayed first when we perform print procedure.
※Safari version does not have supporting software.


2:Icon which was downloaded
We double-click.

3[continue] We click this.

4[continue] We click this.

5[installation] We click this.

6Input user name and password of manager,
[we install software] This
We click.

7If installation is completed,
Close We click this.

8When we put installer in the trash box,
[we put in the trash box] We click this.