We know ELECOM group



PC and the Internet turned social life and communication, and digital gadgets such as smartphone became that they were indispensable to daily livings. ELECOM provides product and service of various genres to tie those apparatuses and people, and to extend more than about 20,000 points as "go-between".

Expanse of technical domain of ELECOM group

We made Logitec INA Solutions and Hagiwara Solutions which had strength for custom PC or data restoration service for business use in 2004 who dealt with design development of storage and memory in 2011 for industrial instruments such as SSD group companies while embedetto-related technique, service including "production factory" "public transport" "finance" "medical care" "education" "crime prevention" "amusement" "energy connection" was spreading in not only the country but also global rapidly and, by taking advantage of IPC, storage, development technology of industrial product including CPU board, advanced to embodiment business for industry in earnest.

In March, 2017, we made DX ANTENNA group company through new M&A, and the Internet communication technology using not only TV-related article including antenna and booster but also coaxial cable and airwave, "broadcast and communication" including disaster prevention system using V-Low airwave enabled development of new service that fused.
Furthermore, it increased analog sensing, technology development group D crew technology of advanced LSI and firmware while AI and unattended operation, IoT, change of technology such as industry 4.0 happened in June of the year and started advance in the tip development domains such as "sensing" "semiconductor" "vehicle installation" "medical care" "super computer".

ELECOM group turns the future in technique

It is founded in 1986 and enlarges business domain of ELECOM which began with PC-related article to new digital gadget and accessories, peripheral device and in late years challenges new business such as health care business again. Furthermore, ELECOM group which developed overcomes difficult technique problem that major electronics manufacturer and semiconductor maker were not able to realize, and, as well as BtoC, ELECOM and the development results of "world's first" of ELECOM group brought about in sequence are going to greatly turn society in the future into synthesis company to provide until apparatus and service, solution to support embedded connection, advanced sensing, social infrastructure.

Development-style of ELECOM group

Development-style of ELECOM group greatly separates; and three types of "plan development model" "design development type" "tip development type." We can realize person who wants to try both plan and development, which wants to wear wide technique, which wants to be full of depth of specialty, anything. In addition, it is connected lengthwise aside as there are technology exchanges and co-operation across the group without sectionalism which is common among large companies. It may be said that that is Features of development environment of ELECOM group.

Product for B2C consumers Product for B2B business
Plan development model
Plan suggestion,
Product strategy planning
Design development model
Board circuit,
Firmware design,
Product architecture plan
Yamato technology development center (YTC) Tokyo technical center (TTC) Tokyo technical center (TTC)
The tip development type
ASIC, LSI design,
NAND controller development,
Various algorithm development
Hamamatsu technology development center (HTC)
Company name Main product
  • Network
  • Memory
  • Storage
  • Mouse key board, input equipment
  • Audio product
  • Health care
  • Smartphone tablet connection article
  • VR-related apparatus
  • Bluetooth
  • Cable
  • Accessories
  • Portable power charger
  • In-vehicle apparatus
  • Custom PC
  • NAS
  • Optical drive
  • Hard disk
  • Data restoration
  • SSD for industry
  • SD card for industry
  • Memory module for industry
  • USB memory for industry
  • Security product for industry
  • Various receiving antennas
  • Booster
  • Distributor, share wave device
  • Various wall surface terminals
  • CATV-related apparatus
  • V-low disaster prevention system
  • Coaxial modem
  • Coaxial communication camera
  • Media outlet
  • Reception level checker
  • Various sensing
  • Automatic motive
  • Advanced medical equipment
  • The energy her best
  • AI, algorithm development