"Charm of ELECOM group" to ask senior engineer

ELECOM group which has various specialty domains
It is difficult to talk with a word.
When all sides are parts of the ELECOM group
As all sides are true figures at the same time.
Here, we play an active part in the ELECOM group companies
We introduce voice of senior engineers.
You did not know; is new
Please discover charm of ELECOM group.

  • We can give own technique in the life.

  • Technical tradition

  • As for the research and development as for the development of products.

  • We face each other in the highest technique.

  • We can want to do it.

  • It is said that it is, "there should be"
    We manufacture from idea.

  • We solve technical problem.

  • From B2C to B2B.

  • Engineer is creator.

  • There is engineer who is famous in the way.

Design development model

In Tokyo, Kojimachi of ELECOM group
There is development base leading technique

[design development model] Tokyo technical center's board member development of products manager Kusu
For the purpose of technology fusion of the ELECOM group companies with specialty, it is Tokyo technical center each other that we were established in Kojimachi on December 1, 2016. The main battlefield of ELECOM group in the future shifts to B2B from B2C, and it is necessary for it to be to leader who social, provides thing which other companies including sensing and IoT do not do in the first. Therefore existence of development base where engineers of group which does not depend only on the conventional fabless system gathered in is important.

For the highest project including IoT
Chance about is abundant

[design development model] Tokyo technical center Engineering Department supervisor Asami
ELECOM group presents really wide product and solution to industrial instrument such as plant and traffic infrastructure as well as consumer, and it may be said that it is the powerful charm that can develop against customer who is wide as engineer. We were in charge of hardware of the highest IoT project and all the software in person and had had opportunity to concentrate on technique, and to work and were able to have an experience that it was very valuable as engineer.

Product and technique (element development) that we want to make
We can embody

[design development model] In ELECOM product Development Department Yamato technology development center (YTC) center Nagai
YTC is role that development of products of the ELECOM group companies, examination correspondence of technical and qualitative problem solution in group are important. Development of products examines product design (circuit design, mechanism design, software development), trial manufacture making, evaluation from Specifications development and, moreover, carries technical support until mass production system construction. Therefore it features style of development of products making from the beginning by oneself if there is not in the world how it can come true on manufacturing.

Such as B2B product particularly SSD
We are strong in storage product

[design development model] ELECOM product Development Department Yamato technology development center (YTC) supervisor Mochizuki
We YTC is engaged in development of development item of the whole ELECOM group particularly B2B product. Above all, it is domain good at development of storage product, development of embedded apparatus, hardware development, software development. If engineer can send in the product plan by oneself and is approved, we can develop thing which we want to make with oneself. In addition, the acquisition of advanced technology is possible as we develop the tip product. We welcome person who wants to enjoy work like hobby.

ELECOM in the future,
It becomes technical company

[design development model] ELECOM product Development Department Yamato technology development center (YTC) supervisor Shiraiwa
Image of PC peripheral device including mouse is strong, and ELECOM thinks that there are not many students having technical image. However, we think that it is more now in technical company as president of ELECOM and person of the administration have very high interest, interest in technique, and investment is aggressive. Entered students will want you to apply with spirit to "eat rice in technique" by all means from now on.

As there is senior, it is all right! We enjoy anxiety
We want you to jump with kuraino feeling

[design development model] Hagiwara Solutions product Development Department Mountains (the new college graduate entering a company second year)
Hagiwara Solutions can see the whole product for a feeling of moderate scale alone while being big organization called ELECOM group of TSE First Section listing. In addition, I majored in circuit design for school days, but am engaged in hardware design while being taught by senior now. At first, there was anxiety, too, but can realize growth every day as expert engineer can be taught a lot technical bottom line carefully around.

Communication fused with broadcast
We can develop new solution

[design development model] DX ANTENNA's board member, the manager of Development Division shield river
We assume transmission technology of broadcast service which we cultivated for 60 years core technique, and by increasing there a great variety of product development of ELECOM group, broadcast and communication can develop new ryushon which fused in market until now. In us, thing structure in the technical main constituent is basic. There is sense of accomplishment very much because we can take a series of duties from plan to design, market injection, improvement, and it may be said that worth doing is big. Let's taste splendor of thing structure together by all means.

As we can all do it from the top to bottom,
Own masterpiece can last

[design development model] DX ANTENNA Development Division, manager Nishimura
There being environment where it can be realized that oneself envisioned our charm. As we can decide circuit design and tip charge account and specifications making and standard by oneself, and it is revealed whether not only you can commercialize even anything, but also you sold several to customer, product which oneself made can have masterpiece to be this. In addition, it is one of the Features that has the largest darkroom in West Japan area. We take pride in facilities which can form thing about antenna in anything being set.

As well as a part,
Company suitable for person who wants to challenge various things

[design development model] Origin of DX ANTENNA Engineering Department, engineer mound (the new college graduate entering a company second year)
We major in electric electronic course for school days. We are in charge of design of booster now. Originally we wanted to be engaged in various things and looked for a job, but when it was major maker, base person in charge thought that it might be possible for condition only as for the base only partly and chose us which it was all possible for from the top to bottom. Analog is the center, but it will affect digital in the future and wants to be engaged in technique that let you mix analog and digital now.

Wanting to do it,
We can do it from the new college graduate entering a company first year

[design development model] DX ANTENNA Engineering Department, engineer 髙moku (the new college graduate entering a company first year)
We graduated from machinist subject and selected entering a company as us that manufacturing was possible in hometown. We still enter the company and are engaged in design of parabolic antenna as day is not long while senior is accompanied, but we can be concerned with product from the entering a company first year and feel worth doing in making one thing in cooperation with other departments now. We learn mechanism and knowledge of electric circuit after having been full of knowledge of antenna in the future and want to become engineer that it is revealed that it is various.

The tip development type

While mentioning the highest technique,
We are engaged in development of next-generation semiconductor storage

[the tip development type] Hagiwara Solutions Hamamatsu technology development center (HTC) product Development Department senior principals engineer officer of textiles
Hagiwara Solutions performs engineering development about semiconductor storage for 20 years or more, and it is technical strength that holds basic technology of semiconductor storage. HTC in particular lets you add new technique to elemental technology supporting existing business, and what by developing new base and technique that it is, make kind of future business is one of the missions, and it may be said that it is worth doing for engineer at the same time.

Important one trusts. With trust from customer,
Reliability of product itself is found

[the tip development type] Hagiwara Solutions Hamamatsu technology development center (HTC) product Development Department senior engineer Kito
In HTC, we develop characteristic evaluation environment of development of firmware software, evaluation environment of storage product, security, cryptography, Media. If terminals connected to net increase by the spread of IoT, storages used under the severe environment increase. It becomes important to continue developing reliable storage after this, and our role grows big more and more while supporting speedup of Interface and next-generation Media.

Range to get to each one is wide,
There is responsibility, but it is big to be able to do it

[the tip development type] Hagiwara Solutions Hamamatsu technology development center (HTC) product Development Department supervisor Takigawa
In HTC, controller development of SSD for industrial instruments becomes main duties, but only a few has competition in the country, and it may be said that it is environment that we can experience valuable in this sense. In addition, flexibility is high, and development duties are pushed forward flexibly to work in gathering the best people for one project. Troublesome rule and restriction that are common among division of labor type organizations peculiar to large company minimize and are environment that as each one acts autonomously, can play an active part as professional group.

We join dream of industry-university co-operation official together,
We can have passion toward what we give in the world

[the tip development type] D crew technology executive ETM technology unification department chief engineer Nagasawa
It can be settled with "laying upon miso", but that we are analog, and it is most suitable to realize digital, firmware how where is strength. Therefore research institute-like viewpoint is expected by industry-university co-operation official, including study of communication between visible light car car and traffic lane detection by electrocardiographic supersonic wave tip development, laser radar cannot readily experience elsewhere; can research and develop. We think that we want creative surukotoni pleasure to feel in us where "thing told that anywhere is not enacted comes out".